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In this section I watch and review Short movies, mostly on YouTube. I usually search on YouTube and pick a random movie to review. Following are the elements that I evaluate to give a final score: Concept, Story, ScreenPlay & Direction, Cinematography and Performances. If you are also an Indie FILM creator then you may CONTACT me to have yours Reviewed.

I give scores on my personal opinions and any favor can not change my Mind :)

Short Review: Subject 256 (Sci-Fi Short Movie)

Subject 256 feels like a perfect one time watch movie, just like mainstream cinema. I found it quite entertaining and would love to see a feature film on the same concept. Movie Overview: The movie takes you in a Video Game type science fiction world where players need to kill each other in order to… Continue reading »

Short Review: Farewell (CGI Animated)

Farewell tells a very emotional chapter where an artist woman is sad due to her miscarriage. Soon the movie steps into fantasy world; a paper flies into her room and a bird comes to life from it. Thereafter, the woman creates a beautiful world for it, just like she would have created for her child.