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So guys we have already mentioned in our About Us page that Filmy Earth is a blog for True Movies’ Fans, we share comprehensive articles related to films. All genres are discussed at the place from Horror to Crime.

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The site is run by two people; one is Me, Ayush and other one is Saunu Kumar; we both belong to Aligarh City, India. You may join us at facebook, just have a look at About us page for the details. It would be fun to connect films’ lovers like you.

Having said that. So friends before launching the site; I researched and learned some basics and history about films. I wanted to have perfection in my articles here, so I went through a lot of sources to learn things related to films.

Hence, I will keep sharing random facts about Motion Pictures here at the home page of my site. As I have already learned some cool things; I would love if any of you learn something form the source.

Also, I want to tell you guys that I am not a geek of movies; however I like to analyse Films such as Idea behind a film, how well is direction, connection of a characters with audience etc. Actually I am quite good with it 😉

Random Facts

  • The concept of film-making came into existence in late 1800’s; after the invention of photography cameras.
  • Zoetrope was the first device which was used to create moving objects.

Ever wonder what a film is?

  • A film is a collection of frames/photos when shown next to each other in quick manner, creates an illusion of moving objects.
  • There are several synonyms of the word “Film”: “Movie”, “Motion Picture”, “Photoplay”, “Cinema”. Professionals call it “Big Picture”, “Silver Screen”.
  • The name “Film” was given to motion pictures because films used to be created by cameras that used to work with strips called “Film reel”.