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Sub Spikes – 
Foam –
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Glue Gun –

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Orbital Sander –
Finishing Sander –
Bar Clamps –
Soldering Iron –
3” Forstner Bit –
Forstner Bit Set –
Measuring Tape –
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Auto Center Punch –
Digital Angle Gauge –
Combination Square –

Camera –
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50mm Lens –
Microphone –
Big Tripod –
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  1. Michael Deloso

    Sir, Good day !

    This project is awesome and good!

    Can you please give the specs of the 4 speakers, 2 tweeter and 1 subwoofer so that I know their compatibility to each other.

    Thank you in advance Sir ❤

  2. Gui S Pitaluga

    Nor would Stanley Kubrick be that meticulous, and his music, worthy of comparing itself to Hanz Zimmer, could you make it available on any platform?

  3. Thomas Greenleaf

    I'm looking to do a similar build, but am struggling with the plate amp part. The link in the description to the plate amp he used is broken. Does anyone know which it is?

  4. Kevin Reinhardt

    4 years ago I watched this video and it inspired me to mess around with wood, I now own my own woodworking business and left a career banking job. Thanks for sharing your work.

  5. Kevin Wiley

    I'm pretty upset that I can't find your plans for this anymore. I'd happily spend 5 bucks on them to build this right, but the link doesn't go through.

    Would you ever build a sound bar using 4 inch drivers? I'm new to this

  6. Helmuth Fuentes

    Hola, felicitaciones por tu trabajo, es fantástico. saludos desde Chile. PD.: No puedo activar las notificaciones por que dice que esta desactivada la opción en vídeos creados para niños, ¿ por que?.

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