5 Scenes that Prove 3 Idiots is a Masterpiece of Bollywood

3 Idiots Movie
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Bollywood still needs to enhance the quality of its creations a lot, especially in terms of ideas. Most Hindi movies showcase one time watch and repeated scripts; actually that is the fault of the country’s audience who just love to spend their money on such stories.

However, there are a few to some Hindi movies that house a great concept; 3 Idiots is among those masterpieces that Bollywood has ever created.

A few days ago I reviewed Swades, what I loved was its impact on the real world. 3 Idiots has the same idea, it isn’t some great fantasy concept but a one that work on ground level.

The movie is about making the Indian education system realize its basic lags in the structure. But what enhances this flick is it entertainment value which is 100 times more than gibberish Bollywood stories with no vision. Yes, a few scenes in the movie go outside the reality, but they all are relevant to the script.

Below are 5 scenes from 3 Idiots that prove that it is a masterpiece.

Chatur’s Speech – This scene emphasizes that a student shouldn’t not only read, but he should understand the concept and basic principles.

In the movie, Chatur Ramalingam is a student who just wants to top, he doesn’t show any responsibility towards practicality. He is preparing for a Hindi speech on Teachers’ Day. However, the bookworm doesn’t know Hindi so he is having it prepared by one of the collage’s professor, and doesn’t care about the meaning.

Rancho (Aamir Khan) decides to make him realize his false ideology, so he replaces some words with abusing ones. On the day, Chatur speaks all that mess and gets insulted.

What is a machine – I am a huge follower & fan of simplicity and everyone should be, especially those who learn something. In the scene Aamir Khan is asked the definition of machine, he tells it in simplified words. However, the professor makes him out of the class and praises Chatur who tells the copy paste definition from book.

Thereafter, Aamir Khan makes the professor realize his mistake. Like majority of the scenes in the movie, this one is also consists of humor tone.

Know yourself and your Passion – Attempting to learn and to be someone else is the most hazardous thing a person can do to himself. If you like and enjoy arts and struggle with engineering than being an engineer forcefully may frustrate you all life.

This scene shows the same where Sharman Joshi who has now found his true identity gives an interview where he is asked to change his attitude. However, he denies to do so and surprisingly gets the job.

Induction Motor – Comedy played a pivotal role in the success and effectiveness of the movie, you can witness humor in all Rajkumar Hirani’s movies. In 3 Idiots there were many hilarious scenes; one of the finest was when the three friends hide in the classroom escaping from hostel guards. In the morning, the class begins where the principal asks Sharman Joshi that How an induction motor works. Drunk Sharman answers ridiculously.

How to teach – Another scene in the movie that focuses on knowledge instead of just memorizing. In it, Aamir Khan shares his views about Indian education system with the principal of his collage. However, the principal disagrees with him and makes him to take a class.

Aamir asks the students the meaning of two new words, when no one was able to answer, he reveals that there aren’t any such words.

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