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Hello movie fans, most welcome to our website Filmyearth.com, which is a newly launched junction for true followers of motion pictures/films.

At the website, we share about all types of films such as blog posts about Hollywood & Bollywood cinema, worldwide cinema, short movies, T.V films, etc. Additionally, all types of film genres are talked at the site whether it is a mood genre (action, horror) or genre by setting (war, crime, etc).

Just a Fact: Initially in late 1800’s, only daily life scenes were captured as films, there were no scripts. The first film that displayed a story was “The Great Train Robbery”, released in 1903, directed by Edwin S. Porter.


We are two passionate people about films who run this website. We have created the site to display rich, detailed and helpful information about films.

Ayush Chandra (SEO expert & Writer)

Hello dear visitor, I am from Aligarh city. I am a SEO expert and I am quite good with graphic designing and video editing; additionally I love to write about films.

Qualification: Crash Courses: Web Designing, SEO, Graphic Designing, VFX and Video Editing, Server Administration

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Saunu Kumar (Editor)

Hello dear visitor, I am from Khair, Aligarh. I am devoted towards learning more and more about web and IT. Also, I am about to complete my BSC.

Qualification: BSC, about to pursue MBA

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