Accident Man Movie Review (Surprisingly a Fine Action Flick)

(2.9 / 5)
accident man movie
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I found Accident Man among the most entertaining and well implemented action-crime movies I have seen. Though the concept doesn’t bring anything to cheer, but the movie is set really well.

It is about an assassination firm in Scotland that works just like any other legal organization works with formal ideology; they have a proper place for discussion, officials who close deals and most interestingly employees with different killing approaches. These interesting elements make you to enjoy this no-new idea.

The movie showcases only events in the first half where you witness different styles of assassinations, action and get introduced to the characters. It is actually a very long time without any call to action in the story; but even with this cinematic lag the movie remains compelling.

When Accident Man gets to its core story, the reason or goal isn’t interesting, it is just old school where a lover embarks on a hunt to avenge for the death of his love. What attracts you as a viewer is the conflict where Scott Adkins doesn’t think twice to be a rebel against his own gang including his boss who is a kind of father to him.

Having all these charismatic elements in the movie makes the screenplay really entertaining and engaging. It feels amazing when you see Scott’s character who is really mean, smart, stylish and a great killer; he actually feels like a realistic superhero.

In the movie, deaths and hits are not shown serious emotionally; it’s like if someone dies then its fine, let’s continue the party. It adds hilarious environment to the action and triggers to a few nice laughs. You can smell this initially in the movie when Scott Adkins completes an assassination where he is more concerned to purchase his new bike, too mean.

The movie shows little to very less empathy for the characters. Instead, you enjoy their attitude. Scott’s character that loses all the hopes of having empathy when his mean and ruthless characters is shown, he attracts you by his bad boy personality and connects really well when he narrates the movie.

I mean there is no good script, idea and neither the basic empathy and still the director Jesse V. Johnson makes you to applaud his creation, really deserves an applaud.

I really enjoyed the action scenes; they are so professional and full of energy. Scott hit like a superhero, his punches and kicks look attractive to watch. Though he can knock down multiple people alone, it doesn’t go much larger than life and has logic. I have witnessed many action flicks where action goes missing in between or it becomes patchy, but that is not the case with Accident Man, you keep having it till the end.

Cinematography is done really well to the subject; there is dark atmosphere with contrast. I also loved the background music; it is like evoking someone to accomplish a mission. Sound effects are intense that suit the action genre.

Additionally, when I smelled that non-serious tone in the deaths; it was expected to have lags in logic as the movie isn’t a complete black-comedy too. You will find a few when you watch it.

RATING – 5.8/10

Concept – 3/10
Story – 4/10
Screenplay & Direction – 8.5/10
Connectivity – 7.5/10
Acting – Entertaining
Cinematography – Awesome


Mike Fallon is a highly skilled assassin who kills his targets in such a way that it feels like an accident. The movie begins him trapping his victim to be on a stool; he grabs him and knots a rope and makes the scenario looks like a suicide. There, his mean character is shown where it is narrated that a death is just bucks for him. He goes into a bar because of what he describes PDT (post death tension). There, he knocks down a group of goons assaulting a woman. Thereafter, he goes into his assassinating firm’s office cum bar and introduces to his world. Mike introduces you with the working model of his gang and various gangs member. It includes the boss Big Ray, firm’s official Milton who discloses the deals, the duo Mick and Mac who used to be militarians, honey trap Jane who takes down her victims with sword, Finicky Fred who comes up with new killing ideas, monstrous Carnage Cliff who just destroys his targets and Pete who accomplishes assassinations by poisoning.

After having a chat with his fellows in the bar, Milton assigns Mike to a new job where Mike shoots a tire of a car that hits his victim and makes him dead. He soon gets another job where he kills a music band with electricity. However, when Mike reaches to collect the money at the night, he is attacked by a goon where he knocks him down badly. Raging Mike calls Milton and tells him about the incident; Milton advises him to be calm and tells him to discuss it next day.

In the morning, Mike gets the news of his ex-girlfriend’s Beth’s death by her lesbian lover Charlie. Upon reaching at the funeral, Charlie tells him that Beth was pregnant and it was his baby they both were going to raise.

Mike decides to investigate this usual looking rob and murder case. He visits to Beth’s apartment and realizes that she was killed just like the due Mick and Mac assassinate people. He reaches to them where the duo accepts the truth and advice Mike to be calm as it was a part of their job. However, Mike knocks them down.

When Big Ray gets to know about the incident, he criticizes him on his unprofessional act. But Mike doesn’t stop and leaves to investigate with the help of Charlie.

Meanwhile, the movie gets into a flashback where it is shown how dumb was Mike in his teenage where goons kept bullying him. It was Big Ray who teaches him all the combat and killing arts and raised him as his son.

Getting back to the story, Mike reaches to Charlie and tries to convince her to tell him more about her and Beth’s personal life so that he can get to the actual sponsor of the assassination. While having a discussion, Carnage Cliff gets into the place and tries to kill Charlie, but gets killed by Mike instead. Thereafter, Charlie decides to support.

Meanwhile, Big Ray comes to know about Cliff’s death and orders his boys to kill Mike for such behavior with the firm.

Upon investigating about Beth from a hard drive, Charlie tells Mike that Beth was collecting evidences against a corrupt oil company named Pancock and her assistant was also killed.

(Spoiler) Mike makes Milton to speak the name of the sponsor which leads him to Leonard Kent. He gets to Kent where he tells the name of the actual person responsible for Beth’s assassination who is Pancock’s senior executive Atal Zim. While taking down the gang members, Mike finally gets to Zim where he cuts his head with a sword after having an edgy battle with Jane. (/Spoiler)

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