Ankhon Dekhi Movie Review (Nice Attempt to Make a Valuable Movie)

(3.4 / 5)
Ankhon Dekhi Movie
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Ankhon Dekhi feels so cinematic where an old man realizes that one should first experience or witness something before believing it. Such idea gives a smell to some change; it can be a personal change or a change that improves the society.

Being themed on such creative and effective appearing idea; the movie doesn’t deliver interesting outcomes at the end. Even, it feels too foolish somewhere and mostly displays the idea as behavior of the old man. It could have been much-much effective; there should have been a change.

Though, there are a few impacts from this idea; but they are too little to cheer. I was expecting something large during the end, but the climax felt mean and silly (spoiler) where the old man (Sanjay Mishra) jumps from a hill just to experience how it feels flying in the air; couldn’t he ask himself for bungee jumping! (/spoiler).

The main call to action which is about Sanjay Mishra’s new ideology takes place initially in the movie and from here we see outcomes and consequences of it. His karma triggers to a lot of drama, laugh, expectations and characters during the watch time Overall, the story moves really well, though it doesn’t reach to a destination you feel.

The movie has a realistic theme, there are characters such as a bunch of friends who gossip in a barber shop, a goon who debts money and many relatives of Sanjay Mishra. This variation brings good drama and really helps to make the screenplay entertaining where you get regular laughs as well.

As I have already mentioned that Ankhon Dekhi has a realistic theme; the cinematography, characters and dialogues feels so real that the movie engages you really-really well. And, you just can’ hold yourself taking Sanjay home.

The director Rajat Kapoor who also played younger brother of Sanjay has tried to make it a valuable and cinematic movie. The entire start cast is loaded with faces that are applauded for their acting skills that include him and Sanjay, Brijendra Kala, Manu Rishi Chadha and a cameo by Saurabh Shukla.

As Rishi, Rajat brings a lot of intensity, drama and emotions to the movie where he left the house upon knowing his elder brother’s act of leaving his job because of his silly approach towards things. Whereas, characters played by Brijendra and Manu make the surroundings light and funny.

RATING – 6.7/10

Concept – 7/10
Story – 5.5/10
Screenplay & Direction – 7.5/10
Connectivity – 8/10
Acting – Great
Cinematography – Fits to the theme


The movie begins with an old man named Raje Bauji taking about his dream where he flies like a bird and feels the nature. He describes how amazing it feels to be like that and tells that now it isn’t a dream anyone, it has been a reality. From here, the movie moves in the flashback where a neighbor comes to Bauji’s joint family and tells them about his daughter Rita’s affair with a thug Ajju. All the family members including Rita’s uncle Rishi and her mom criticize her to be with such a man. However, Ajju keeps calling Rita, and the family members reach his room with the police. There, they also beat Ajju, however Ajju feels innocent to Bauji and he deals with him softly.

Upon reaching home, Bauji realizes the mistake of his and the family. He tells his wife Amma that a person should first witness or experience something and then only he should consider it a truth. At here, he becomes a completely different person. In the next morning, he spreads his newly developed ideology to his family members. But, he doesn’t stop here; he carries is approach everywhere. In the office, his ideology becomes so foolish when he denies to tell about some basic facts to a customer as he hasn’t experienced them yet. Bauji quits the job and leaves. He keeps pretending to go to the job for a few days, but his lie gets caught. Upon listening to his foolish reasons of leaving the job, his family criticizes him. Meanwhile, Rishi beats his son ruthlessly when he comes to know about his low marks. Bauji visits to his school where he makes the teacher to believe that the entire concept of Math is wrong which results in Rishi’s son passing in all subjects.

Meanwhile, Rishi and his wife decide to be apart from Bauji due to his acts and move to other place. Bauji, who was so attached to his younger brother can’t deal with the emotional trauma and gets ill. But, he continues his ideology and even debates with the doctor about the effectiveness of the medicines.

Moreover, Bauji decides to make his daughter Rita married with Ajju.

In the meantime, he comes to know that his son Shammi was beaten by a goon who debt him money. He, along with his followers visits the goon and wins his heart by letting him know about his riches. Thereafter, Bauji who now views gambling a decent game, begins gambling with his followers in the goon’s adda. And, later he is hired by the goon to play the game for him.

On a day of the preparations for the wedding, Bauji and his followers have a debate where he tells them that he hasn’t forced anyone to join his paths, instead he has always told them to create their own; having said that, he tells them to part.

But, this doesn’t affect the mood of the wedding and all comes to celebrate Rita’s marriage including his uncle Rishi who also realizes his past mistake. After having a wonderful wedding of his daughter; Bauji takes her wife for a vacation (spoiler) where he falls from a hill to have his dream experience (spoiler).

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