Black Panther Movie Review (Truly a Compelling Flick)

(3.8 / 5)
Black Panther Movie Review
Image Credit – Walt Disney Studios

There are two main ideas work behind the movie; one is the land of Wakanda whose people don’t let the outside world to know about their riches and the second one is the conflict for throne among the royal family. When these to collaborate, it gives birth to a truly interesting movie. I have witnessed such good quality of mainstream cinema after a long while.

Additionally, there are material things that make the movie much fascinating. In the movie, Wakanda is a land that is blessed by Vibranium, most powerful matter in the universe. Though the place has developed many futuristic inventions, you see characters in traditional outfits occasionally, there are still villages there and they obey the principals of their tribes.

It doesn’t lag in any element to let you say that you have seen such flicks before.

The script is really powerful; it is so stable. Every event that happens is connected to the previous one, nothing comes in between or feels forced to give twists. The story builds like a chain and remains compelling.

Interest and Conflict is set into the mind of audience from the very beginning when you get to know a blessed land that shouldn’t be much known to the first world as it can trigger to a hazard to mankind.

Most movies become compelling when they showcase their main call to action, but Black Panther keeps doing it from the very beginning; you see Prince T’Challa doubting his ability to be a good king, some bad goons like Andy Serkis trying to smuggle Wakanda’s Vibranium and Michael B. Jordan who wants to be the king.

When the movie reaches to the biggest reason to doubt; it creates a huge level of intensity and you can feel being there.

Additionally, what I loved the most is Michael B. Jordan’s character Erik; he is a true and a powerful villain. Erik has a convincing reason to fight and be bad, even he gets empathy of T’Challa for what happened to him in the past. He isn’t like those sci-fi mad scientists who just want to be bad.

Now you can imagine how good would be the screenplay with all these elements. Not a single event is such that it makes you bored. Everything the happens adds something to the script.

Actress Letitia Wright who has played Shuri, T’Challa’s sister, adds fun in the screenplay. You enjoy her cool relation with his King brother.

You obviously connect with Chadwick Boseman as he is in focus and a kind hearted King, but you also feel for the villain when you get to know about his story.

Being a sci-fi flick, Black Panther doesn’t just show you larger than life action supported by gadgets and superpowers, but it also showcases man to man old school combats, I loved this variety.

Cinematography of the movie is awesome; it has taken care of the theme. It displays futuristic things while embedding tradition really well. Even the advanced suit of Black Panther has prints of tribe.

RATING – 6.4/10

Concept – 7/10
Story – 7/10
Screenplay & Direction – 8.5/10
Connectivity – 8/10
Acting – Impactful
Cinematography – Outstanding


Before there was mankind on earth, the most powerful matter in the universe called Vibranium hit a region in Africa. Once there was mankind in the region, they used to fight with each other for the prosperous land, divided into five tribes. On a day, a warrior is gifted with the superhuman powers, contained in an herb. He united all the tribes and named the land Wakanda, however Jabaris isolated themselves in the nearby mountains. Wakanda used its riches for creating advanced technology.

Black Panther Movie Review
Image Credit – Walt Disney Studios

With the evolution of human race and conflicts among the world; they kept their riches hidden and little to no contribution to the outside world.

In the year 1992, Wakanda’s King T’Chaka gets to know that his brother N’Jobu who works as a spy has helped a smuggler named Ulysses Klaue stealing Vibranium from the nation. He visits him in California and orders him to be in Wakanda.

It is now the present day; T’Chaka has left the world and his son T’Challa is going to be the next King of Wakanda. But before he gets the throne, he decides to have his lover Nakia who is on a spy mission at the ceremony. He takes down a gang of odds and has Nakia with him. But before he gets the throne, Jabari tribe’s leader challenges him, but only gets a defeat.

The new King gets news that an antique of Wakanda has been stolen by Ulysses Klaue and his gang from a museum in London. Wakanda takes the matter seriously as Klaue had stolen some Vibranium in 1992 too. T’Challa, along with Ayo and Nakia reaches to Korea to take Klaue to Wakanda. At the place, Klaue gets to the hands of T’Challa, but a CIA agent named Ross takes him for interrogation.

While being interrogated, his crime partner Erik Killmonger bombs the place and flies him away. Whereas, T’Challa takes wounded Ross to Wakanda to heal him.

Upon reaching to his nation, he is criticized by his head of security W’Kabi for not accomplishing the task. (Spoiler) Soon, Erik comes to Wakanda with the dead body of Klaue and impresses all. However, situation becomes intense when he reveals his true identity that he is the son of N’Jobu who was killed by T’Chaka while protecting Zuri, Wankanda’s loyal court man.

Erik gets a fair chance to challenge T’Chaka, and he surprisingly defeats him where he kills Zuri and throws T’Challa from a high waterfall. While being in the pain of their King’s death, Wakanda accepts its new King. However, on the day of ritual, Erik shows his greedy and immoral character when he destroys all the herbs after having one. But, Nakia steals one and gets to Jabari’s leader M’Baku to help them. Surprisingly, Jabari has rescued T’Challa where Naika feeds him the herb to have him Black Panther powers. (/Spoiler)

Moreover, W’Kabi likes the ideology of Erik to have connections with the outside world and make trade. Soon, Erik sends Wakanda’s weapons for export; however T’Challa arrives there to stop it all. With the help of Nakia, Ayo, Suri and Ross, the export gets stopped. And, Erick gets a defeat till death fighting the real king.

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