Blackmail Movie 2018 Review (Becomes Cinematic Gradually)

(3.7 / 5)
Blackmail Movie 2018
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Blackmail is a back-comedy & crime Bollywood movie; such genres are not popular among fans in the country. However, a portion of fans has turned to such genres, especially in metro cities.

I am really impressed by the concept, the movie is about a man blackmailing his wife’s lover that triggers to series of such blackmails and embarks serious consequences. The way the writer Parveez Sheikh has added his creativity to such simple and boring idea deserves appreciation. Though, the entire movie feels so simple, but the twists that its script brings makes the audience stick to the seats.

Blackmail uses physical things, comedy and a few interesting characters to add interest in such boring idea which I think is a great move. If you don’t have a brilliant concept then you have to play with other elements of the film.

In the movie, Irrfan Khan works in a company that sells toilet-papers and the boss Omi Vaidya has a hilarious personality. Also, his colleague Pradhuman Singh is a flirt and keeps giving and telling him his ideas. All this makes the screenplay entertaining.

The story of the movie has impressed me a lot, it reaches to the goal within 30-40 min of the movie and then it rebuilds itself with great intensity where this series of blackmails begin. It gives you a feeling that how will it keep going for the rest of the watch time, but it does a good job doing so. There were a few moments where I felt like it would not work but it actually does well.

Some may say the cinematography is poor, but I found it affective. It is realistic and most of the things are shown messy just like in any other real person’s life related to the characters.

The star cast of Blackmail compliments its realistic theme where real actors like Irrfan Khan, Arunoday Singh and Tere Bin Laden’s fame Pradhuman Singh are featured. All these elements make the audience connected really well in the movie.

Comedy is the element of the movie that supports it highly, if it wasn’t there then the movie would be low and boring.

I can’t review the acting skills of the great actor Irrfan Khan, he is realistic and awesome as always.

One more character that is crucial and I would like to mention especially is of Gajraj Rao as Chawla. The movie would have been completed without him as well, but it would make a difference of good and better. Chawla is brought after the first half, near to the end and helps to give the movie a great Climax.

Rating – 7.5/10

Concept – 8/10
Story – 7/10
Screenplay & Direction – 7/10
Connectivity – 8/10
Acting – Awesome
Cinematography – According to the Subject


Dev Kaushal works in a toilet paper company, his mood has been low due to daily life debts that he has to pay soon. He goes home after midnight, keeps playing with his office’s computer. His colleague and friend Anand Tripathi notices his behavior and gives him an advice to rejuvenate his married life. On a night, Anand goes home to give her wife Reena surprise; however he gets one instead where he witnesses her making love with a man named Ranjit. At first he decides to stab the man but leaves the home silently. Depressed Dev keeps roaming whole night and keeps it a secret. Next day in the office, his boss DK cancels Dev’s increment. But, he makes him the marketing head of their new product launch where he orders him a make the water supply of the area stop on the day of the launch.

Debt Dev decides to blackmail Ranjit and have his debts paid. He buys a new sim card and phone and demands 1 Lakh rupees from Ranjit. Jobless Ranjit, who is depended on his rich wife Dolly fools her and gives the money to unknown Dev. However, Dolly’s strict and ruthless father tells him to repay the money within a few days. Hopeless Ranjit then Blackmails Dev’s wife Reena with a hidden identity. Thereafter a chain of blackmails begins among the three where the same money keeps going to other.

Reena fools her husband Dev for the money and gives it to Ranjit. Dev, again gets money from Ranjit. The same cycle keeps going and stops after a few. However, Dev who had told about the blackmails to his friend Anand gets into trouble when Anand tells his secret to their colleague Prabha at a drunken night. Thereafter, Prabha blackmails Dev and demands money and again the cycle begins. But when Prabha demands more, Dev denies and reaches her home where she dies accidentally and Dev escapes narrowly. Police investigates the case, upon asking Dev about Prabha, he convinces the police that Anand would be the killer as he had a date with Prabha. Raged Anand keeps his mouth shut about Dev for money but gets very angry on him.

Meanwhile, Ranjit hires a detective named Chawla who promises him to get to the blackmailer; Ranjit also buys a gun to shoot him. On a night in a theatre, his wife Dolly catches him with Reena. Upon reaching home, Ranjit gets attacked by Dolly where he shoots and kills her. During the incident, Dev asks for more money but Ranjit denies this time. When Dev threatens him to disclose his character to Dolly’s ruthless father, he agrees. He again blackmails Reena and puts the money to Dev’s place. However, Dev stings him and sends the footage to Reena as a stranger.

To have the perfect revenge, Dev bribes the detective and instructs him to tell that Anand is the blackmailer. Upon knowing about Anand, Ranjit shoots him and ruins his life totally, and gets caught by Dolly’s parents. Whereas selfish Dev gets the love of his wife back.


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