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Best Romantic Movies of 2018 & Calendar

Romance has been one of the dominant genres in cinema since years. There may not be as much romantic movies released comparing to action or horror, though the subject is a charm for movie lovers. In 2018 we are having some really fine and heart touching romantic movies released. So, let’s have a look on… Continue reading »

Top 10 Best Thriller Movies of 2018 List

It is the first half of the year 2018 and we have already had a bunch of great thriller movies that will make you feel wow. With the genre of thriller the common sub-genres that come are action, crime and horror. Hence, most thriller movies in our list have these sub-genres as well.

Top Teen Movies 2018 (Must Watch) & Calendar

In the year 2018 there are some really fascinating teen movies releasing, some have been released and have gotten a good response while others are in the queue. An interesting point to note is that almost every fine Teen movie of 2018 has a release date no later than May.

Top 10 Movies for Teenage Girls & Latest Films

The genre of teenage movies can be called a rare one, especially teenage girls’ movies. There are not much movies released each year of the genre. Though, I believe that “teen” genre makes a great relation with its targeted audience.

The Best Action Movies of 2018 List

Here is the list of BEST ACTION MOVIES of 2018, there are total 20 Movies in the TOP List. We will also have a look at the Action Movies 2018 complete calendar, Hollywood and Worldwide as well.

Best War & Military Movies of 2018 List

Lets have a look at THE BEST WAR & MILITARAY MOVIES of 2018 list. We will analyze each movie and talk about its strengths. The are some Really worth WAR MOVIES of Watch in 2018.


2018 has brought some really interesting and worthy KIDS & ANIMATED MOVIES; we will have a look at 2018’s BEST KIDS FILMS, there are around 20 Flicks in our list form worldwide cinema.

101 Classic Horror Movies List (Bonus Content)

In this post we are going to have a look on 101 classic horror films, released in the 20th century. Most movies belong to early and mid-20th century; just a few that were released in late 1900’s are housed in the list.