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In this section I watch and review Short movies, mostly on YouTube. I usually search on YouTube and pick a random movie to review. Following are the elements that I evaluate to give a final score: Concept, Story, ScreenPlay & Direction, Cinematography and Performances. If you are also an Indie FILM creator then you may CONTACT me to have yours Reviewed.

I give scores on my personal opinions and any favor can not change my Mind :)

Short Review: I’m Truly Sorry (Everyday Bullying)

I’m Truly Sorry is based on the subject of Bullying where a boy realizes his mistake when he comes to know that his sister has been dealing with the same. The movie gives a nice social message to youngsters who Bully others for fun but don’t care about their feelings.

Short Review: THE CALL (Finest of all Time)

When I finished watching THE CALL, it got into my favorite short movies of all time list. You can’t ask a film maker to deliver better 4 min than this movie. It displays the love of a family and between a father and his daughter.