Dangal Movie Review (A Sports Drama Loaded with Conflicts)

(4.2 / 5)
Dangal Movie
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If you haven’t watched Dangal, it may seem a flick with passionate girls who want to be wrestlers, trained by their father. But, the movie is much more than this; it has family values, women empowerment. It highly casts light on poor condition of females in rural India.

The movie isn’t just a product of one idea. Yes, it focuses on wrestling much but there are other issues and emotions shown in it very effectively; mentioned it above. This turns Dangal into a much valuable sports movie, and you don’t dare to compare it with Salman Khan’s Sultan which was illogical and unrealistic.

Along with the concept, the script of the movie gripping. There are not just one or two conflicts, there are many and it keeps happening till the very end.

When the movie begins, Aamir Khan who plays Mahavir Singh Phogat wants his would be son to achieve his dream of winning a gold in an international wrestling championship. However, he gets daughters one after other. This conflict ends after a few years in the movie when Aamir stumbles upon his daughter’s Gita’s and Babita’s fighting skills. But, soon a conflict embarks where the daughters take no interest in the sport.

It keeps striking even after Gita and Babita become known wrestlers; later it takes an emotional shape.

The three characters including the father receives ton of empathy. The viewers are shown the struggle of the three during the first half. And, later when family issues happen, you feel bad.

Additionally, Aparshakti Khurana who plays cousin of Geeta and Babita adds interest to the movie. His character doesn’t have a huge impact on the storyline, but the decent personality of his enhances things.

Dangal showcases a father hungry for sons to have his dreams achieved. But, the character of Aamir Khan doesn’t feel selfish even when he doesn’t know about his daughters’ abilities. Actually, he gets some empathy where he is not having a son.

When a man who had to left his favorite sport because of no to less money involved in it is shown not having a boy whom he can train to accomplish what he left justifies his wish to not expect a girl.

The screenplay showcases discipline and transformation including the three totally different avatars of Aamir from being a 20-25 year old guy to an old and fatty man. Transformation is always entertaining to the viewers. Moreover, I really enjoyed the training part, I too learned basics of the sports that I never had interest in.

Though it is a Disney product, the movie holds a realistic cinematography; nothing goes large canvas like most Disney movies. The sporting events’ sets and combat among wrestlers also look real.

Aamir Khan can be applauded till infinity to have such perfection in his acting and looks in the movie. Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra are identical to the real Geeta and Babita, and have performed with perfection. The way they fight in the movie makes you feel them a real life athlete.

Additionally, I also loved the performance of Nitesh Tiwari (coach). He isn’t an immoral man, but he spreads negativity and conflict which is a need of every story.

RATING – 8.4/10

Concept – 8/10
Story – 8.5/10
Screenplay & Direction – 8.5/10
Connectivity – 8.5/10
Cinematography – Good
Performance – Outstanding

Plot: Young Mahavir Singh Phogat had to leave his blissful wrestling career because of poor financial condition. Now he hopes to have a boy whom he can train and have is dream completed. However, he gets girl in every attempt. On a day, he stumbles upon his daughters’ Geeta’s and Babita’s wrestling skills. Thereafter, he makes them trained where the two become national champions. However, Geeta’s career begins to fall when she gets a new coach who insists her to change her old-school techniques taught by her father.

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