Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge 8 Interesting & Must Know Facts

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge changed the perception of the audience for Hindi cinema and the crew who was a part of this iconic movie. Not only in India, but people applauded and praised the flick overseas, especially in Europe where it was shot. There may not be much greatness in script, it’s straightforward. However, the large canvas of the movie and the way it was shown by the director Aditya Chopra made it an epic.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Movie
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It is not always about story; impact of what you show on the silver screen is also compelling for the viewers. Having this quality made DDLJ the most beloved love story of Bollywood.

The movie proved to be a milestone for the actors as well. King Khan Shahrukh wouldn’t be this effective romantic actor if he wasn’t a part of it. And, it isn’t just a thought; there was actually someone else who was the first choice of Aditya Chopra. We will have a look at all the interesting facts like this in a moment.

Shahrukh will be most known for his character in DDLJ and so as Kajol, even after decades, in 2040’s or 2060’s.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was received equally well by the critics and at the Box Office. The movie won 10 Filmfare awards and set a record, and also a National Film Award. It is also a part of several best movies’ list including “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”.

DDLJ Facts

  • Anupam Kher was a cool father in DDLJ. There is a scene when Raj gets failed and creates a record to be the first one in his university. Upon being at home, his father proudly praises him to achieve so and he also makes Raj introduced to his ancestors.The names of the ancestors told in the flick are actually Kher’s ancestors’s real names.

  • Being such a popular movie, there were many material assets shown in it that were really popular at the time, including Raj’s hat, Guitar and his style statement in the movie, his leather jacket. The jacket was bought by Uday Chopra from a Harley Davidson store in California.

  • DDLJ was the debut movie of Aditya Chopra, however he was much experienced, had been with his father Yash Chopra since Chandni 1989. He took care of perfection in his creation. In a scene where the lovebirds were travelling in car, Aditya was lying on the back seat to examine it.

  • The bunch of friends with the lead actors in the movie made the screenplay much interesting. In the movie, one of Kajol’s friends Sheena, a blissful girl whom Raj flirted with was also in the song “Mere Khwabon Mei Jo Aaye”. But most of the viewers missed to recognize her on the bike with SRK.

  • The iconic movie set new standards of filmmaking in the industry. The British Film Institute (BFI) published a book on DDLJ for studies on international films, in the year 2002, authored by Anupama Chopra.

  • As the movie is set in Europe, Aditya wanted it to be a romantic tale between an Indian girl and a foreign boy. His first pick was Tom Cruise for Raj. However, later he was convinced to have an Indian face.Thereafter, Shahrukh Khan was approached for the role; but he too took his time to agree. It is said that Saif Ali Khan would be Raj if SRK denied the role.

  • A frame of the flick that is as famous as the movie is where the duo poses in a sunflower farm. You may perceive that it would be in Europe as well. But that isn’t the fact; actually the farm is situated in Gurgaon (now Gurugram).

  • After DDLJ, Shahrukh’s screen name Raj has been adapted multiple times in his movies, and why not? The name is cool and happening. But you will be surprised to know the full name of his in the movie, it was Rajnath, feels like some old guy.

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