Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Movie
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Today we will have a look at Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone movie, we will talk about the movie’s overview, a quick review & analysis, its star cast & crew details and its story. Additionally, I have written about the influential characters of the film.

Harry Potter is among the most iconic fictional characters ever made; the popularity of its movies is spread around the world. People have grown-up watching Harry Potter movies and have a strong bond with this J. K. Rowling’s amazing magical world.

The first movie of any film’s universe is always special as it roots the concept and story, and also decides if it can elevate the script in upcoming movies or not.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is a very well shown and built movie. I watched it again a few days ago with more attention and it has impressed me more. The movie’s story keeps building with its screenplay, it never gets stuck somewhere or becomes sluggish. Additionally, the director Chris Columbus and the writer has especially focused on logics, everything that happens in Hogwarts School makes sense.

It would be impossible for inexperienced Harry to accomplish tasks in this first movie if there was not the character of Hermione Granger who is a bright magic student. And, before Ron Weasley wins the game of chess for his friends, it was already shown that he is a good chess player.

What impresses me the most about Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is that it doesn’t get started with a goal to achieve like majority of films; it builds the story that elevates interest over time.


Professor Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid leave newborn Harry Potter to his only and cruel relatives in London after Harry’s parents get killed by an evil magician of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry named Lord Voldemort. Dumbledore announces that Harry will be called to the school at the correct time of his life.

Harry grows up in the atmosphere of misbehavior, partiality and rudeness. On a day he gets a call letter from Hogwarts but his uncle tears it. Thereafter, a flood of thousands of letters get into the house and the family decides to leave to a desolate place where Harry is not contacted. However, Hagrid finds the place and introduces Harry to his reality and the magic school.

He is first shopped by Hagrid with the magical accessories in a street in London. Thereafter, he leaves for Hogwarts. In the journey, he meets Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Upon reaching at the school, all the new students are given houses where all the three get into Gryffindor house. There, Dumbledore warns the students to not go on to the third floor of the building as there is some hazard.

Meanwhile, Professor McGonagall witnesses Harry’s flying skills on the broomstick and makes him in the Quidditch team of Gryffindor and he becomes the youngest player to be a part of it.

On a night, the three friends stumble upon on the third floor’s room where there is a giant monster. They somehow get escaped and Harry gets a clue that there is something crucial that is housed inside the room. Upon investigating, the friends come to know from Hagrid that the property belongs to a medieval alchemist named Nicolas Flamel. Meanwhile, a giant monster gets into the school and Harry notices a wound on Professor Snape’s leg. He comes to a conclusion that Snape wants to steal the property for the evil Lord Voldemort. The trio investigates about it more and finds out that the property is a magical stone that can give life to dead.

Harry, Ron and Hermione decide to get the stone before Professor Snape does. They get into the room, cross the monster and get into an undercraft where they have to win a chess game to get to the stone. Ron wins the game for Harry and he proceeds to the stone. There, he gets a shock to see Professor Quirinus Quirrell who wants to grab the stone for Voldemort. Voldemort, who is somehow alive and is in the back head of Quirrell orders him to have the stone from Harry, but unable to do so and gets vanished.

 Upon reaching the school Harry is applauded by all and his house also wins the annual points’ race. There comes the end of the year for the school and all the students leave to their home.


Professor Severus Snape: Snape is the most influential character of the first movie. He makes the suspense and interest to the film where he is shown as a suspect till the very end but turns out to be good. The serious character of Snape compliments his suspicion.

Lord Voldemort: He is shown as a powerful villain but only appears at the last which I believe makes him more frightful. You just hear about his cruelties during the movie and keep guessing how he will be in reality.

Hermione Granger: Without Hermione the movie would not be that much logical. She is an intelligent student and knows much in comparison of others in her class. She always helps Harry to accomplish tasks with her magic skills.

Draco Malfoy: He may not have any influence on the story, but he builds an intense atmosphere in the class and school where he is shown as a competitor to Harry and doesn’t like him at all. Such characters like Malfoy make the screenplay more entertaining.

Quirinus Quirrell: He takes it all at the last and makes audience feel amazing. During the entire movie he is shown decent and sometimes stupid. But, Quirrell turns out to be the most immoral in Hogwarts.

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