Highest Rated Movie Genres of The Decade (with Infographic)

Movie genres are categorized into several categories; there are mood, setting, audience, age, type and some more genres. However, majority of movie fans like to watch mood (romance, drama, comedy etc) and setting (war, sci-fi, fantasy) genres. This is the reason most commercial movies are based on these genres.


I have done a research on the highest rated movies genres since 2011; analyzed the main cinema genres mentioned above. It was a fun experience to get to know about which genre is most liked by people and has the most cinematic value. Yes, there were a few shocks.


But before we get started, here are the criteria and some rules of my research:

  • Movies’ rating were counted on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes; a few times on letterboxd too.
  • Counted average rating of the Top 10 movies of a year for a genre, then average of 7 years as the final Rating.
  • Each movie got counted if it had over 4,000 votes.
  • Most were Hollywood movies, but there were some good movies from rest of the world that got counted.
  • The eligibility to be in the best of the genre of The Decade is more than 100,000 votes.

Highest Rated Movie Genres

#8 Horror – 6.9

I was not much surprised to know about the results of horror. I am too a big horror fan but most scary movies don’t have great ideas and scripts. The element that makes a horror special is its screenplay.

You can have an idea about Horror’s quality by looking at the decade’s highest rated horror’s rating which is only 7.7/10 by Get Out.

#7 Thriller – 7.1

In my research I found that thriller kept improving since 2011 or at least it maintained its quality. What made it above horror is its combination with drama in many movies, and as drama is a very powerful cinematic genre; it complimented thriller.

Highest Rated Thriller Movie of The Decade Prisoners 8.1/10

#6 Comedy  – 7.2

This was the most surprising genre, I didn’t think that comedy would surpass thriller. Actually it would have surpassed more genres if I counted more movies from across the globe. But as of now, comedy stands above horror and thriller. Relation of it with genres like drama, romance, kids helped the genre.

The highest rated comedy of the Decade is Deadpool (8/10); some may argue but the movie is absolutely hilarious.

#5 Romance & Drama – 7.3

Romance and Drama come hand in hand and are true cinematic genres. However, it failed to surpass many genres in our list. Though, the genre has many iconic movies such as La La Land and Silver Linings Playbook. I was expecting it to be at the Top.

Highest Rated Romance Movie of The Decade – The Perks of Being a Wallflower – 8/10 (compared it with HER 2013 at many sources)

#4 War – 7.4

It was expected that War would make a nice stand among the rest genres. I too love such movies; there is always great intensity and drama in such movies. Also, war movies connect really well with the viewers. And, last year we witnessed many awesome war films such as Dunkirk and The Darkest Hour.

Highest Rated War Movie of The Decade – Hacksaw Ridge 8.2/10

#3 Kids – 7.4

I often watch Kids movies and over the time I have come across many such movies that are so powerful cinematically such as The Book of Life and The Lego movie. The genre is intended towards little ones but creators don’t take it lightly. Also, Kids movies are conceptualized well and go smooth while making the audience involved.

Highest Rated Kids Movie of The Decade – Coco 8.5/10

#2 Action & Superhero – 7.5

It made sense to me to combine the both genres, what Superheroes do is action most of the time. The two genres are full of comics’ adaptions such as Marvel, DC universes and beloved franchises such as Mission Impossible and John Wick. The fan following of superheroes such as Iron Man, Batman, The entire Marvel’s team and recently Deadpool over the time has made creators to invest more value and money in the projects.

Highest Rated Action & Superhero movie of The Decade – The Dark Knight Rises 8.4

#1 WINNNER is Sci-Fi with 7.6

You can’t make a good sci-fi movie without a great concept, and that is the reason the genre is at the Top among all. Concepts of movies such as Interstellar, Planet of The Apes and especially Edge of Tomorrow needs much brainstorming. And, in 2018 we have already witnessed Steven Spielberg’s master piece Ready Player One.

Highest Rated Science Fiction movie of The Decade – Interstellar 8.6/10


Highest rated movie genres of the decade

There are a few years left in this decade but I believe that it won’t affect the rankings of the genres much. All the genres have remained consistent in terms of quality since 2011. There are ups and down but not much.

What do you think! Which genre you expected to be at the Top or at the Bottom?

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