20 Most Scary Horror Movies of 2018 that will Blow You Away

Hello horror movies’ fans, I bet that you would be so curious and excited to know about the horror films releasing in the year 2018. In 2017 there were some highly appreciated horrors such as “It” and “Get Out”. 2018 also looks a horror-full period with many sequels and remakes going to be released, such as “Insidious: The Last Key” and “Mama 2”.

We will discuss all the films releasing in the year 2018 that are related to the horror genre. And, as always, I am going to share films from worldwide cinema, not just Hollywood ones.

2018 Horror Films Bible

For now, our list is comprised of 2018’s horror films that seem promising and have something to discuss about, such as films based on novels, remakes and sequels. And, how can I forget to include a complete calendar, it is there and there are around 120 films included in it that only showcase horror and terror.

As the year passes out, I will keep updating this article. You will have the best list of 2018 horror films, some worthy horror shorts and interestingly I have decided to add a video and a PDF version of this article.  All this very soon!

Upcoming 2018’s Horror Films to Have a Look On

So in this list we will talk about horror sequels, remakes and films that have gained high popularity and talk among fans. We are going to discuss about highlights, insights, attractions, and will also try to predict about the films. And, what to expect from them; it would be more a guessing game though.

A Quiet Place

“Wow”, that was the word that hit my mind when I first watched the trailer of it. Being so impressive, the film follows a simple script. A Quiet Place holds a concept that is truly fresh and feels so creative.  The real life couple of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt is in the lead role with John being the director also.


The film is about a family that lives in the woods, but unlike many horrors there is an evil that only attacks or gets awaken when there is a sound. Hence, the family tries to be quite all the time because even a little noise can be troublesome. And yes, they even don’t talk with each other.

Expectations: I am much sure that the film will be among the top 5 Horrors of 2018; such creative ideas have been so less in the horror genre. If we talk about the audience, they will have fear in them as silence works very well in creating terror.

Some critics may say “it would be a better film if concept is considered”, but A Quiet Place will get positive reviews on an average. Predicted rating: 7 – 7.5

Deep Blue Sea 2

1999’s horror-thriller Deep Blue Sea doesn’t have a cult following like Spielberg’s Jaws, but it is the fact that the film has its own small fan base; it may be called a mini cult. The film was similar to Jaws; both had sharks that were not friendly with humans. But, Deep Blue Sea was more modern and happening where sharks turned aggressive after being experimented by scientists who were trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.


According to the sources, Deep Blue Sea 2 has been started filming in South Africa. The film may only be delivered to direct to video and T.V sources, not at theaters. Chances are that the film will be a sequel but it can also be a remake. I wish it will be a sequel, remake of such film may not make me and others interested to spend money for it.

Expectations: Deep Blue Sea 2 seems more a film for audience; critics may get disappointed from it. For fans who like thriller-horrors, the film would be so fine and a great one time watch, including me. Predicted rating: 5.5 – 6.1


After 33 years, it is going to be a remake of sci-fi-horror Firestarter, featured Drew Barrymore in the lead role. If we consider the year of its release then the script and concept of the film was really nice and engaging.

In the original film, a girl gets physic powers from her parents. She can produce fire by her mind but can’t control it actually. A government agency begins to hunt her; the girl remains hiding.

Firestarter 2018
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Now, it would be interesting for many viewers to watch all this in a new version, including me. But, it would be better if there is a little modification or highlight in the remake like Drew Barrymore who played the role of the girl would play the role of the mother in the remake.

Expectations: I can say without any doubt that the remake of Firestarter is going to be a fine film product. Association of Blumhouse as the production company of the film makes a promise that people should buy a ticket at the theaters. Predicted rating: 6.3 – 7.1

Cloverfield Movie

Any film can only be called a sequel if it relates or proceeds the story of its previous film or it should have similar theme. Now, both the existed Cloverfield franchise’s films are entirely different from each other. The first film was a monster-horror and other was more a thriller-horror.


The next movie of the franchise is also going to be entirely different, previously known as God Particle, “Cloverfield Movie” (2018) is a sci-fi-horror that is releasing early this year on 2nd February. The film has been delayed twice and its trailer has not been launched yet. So, there might be more delay.

Expectations: It’s a story of a team of astronauts who have embarked a life threat after conducting an experiment. So, this sounds OK but not something to cheers. The film will be like many other films where good people try to survive, such as Jurassic world; just replace dinosaurs with some evil. However, being a part of Cloverfield, “Cloverfield Movie” will have an entertaining screenplay. It will be a nice one time watch for sure. Predicted rating: 5.1-5.8


So finally after around a decade a Halloween movie is going to be released; that’s a matter of party for the fans of the franchise. Being a cult film, most films of Halloween have got average ratings by the critics, may be because of the simple and repeated idea. But I think that simplicity and chain of events in all the Halloween films are the main attractions; fans love it.


This 10th film of Halloween will be the sequel to the original film, but also the final encounter between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. And, according to the developers of the project; it is going to be the scariest film of the franchise. The film will hit at the theaters at the end of 2018.

Expectations: We all have very high hopes form the 10th film of Halloween. So, all we need a good screenplay and a smart climax. I believe the creators would have been working hard on the same as it can be the last film of Halloween; there may be reboots only later. Predicted rating: 6.9 – 7.6

Insidious: The Last Key

All of the Insidious films are based on a simple idea of a physic and her team that cures evil cursed people. But like I have been saying since this blog that horror genre is more about screenplay. Ratings have been really fine for all the films till now because of the fact of having effective display of things.


However, this 4th Insidious film is looking more interesting because this time the house that Elise Rainier is going to cure is her own former residence. There would be a lot of happening in the film.

Expectations: With this twist in the script, fans would have more interest in this installment of the series. The trailer itself makes a promise of creating extreme terror among the audience. For now the film seems so balanced where the story goes smooth with terrible scenes. I expect it to be the best film of the series. Predicted rating: 6.9 – 7.5


The original film is among the iconic developments/projects in the history of cinema. I hear people say that even after around 100 years of its creation the film makes the audience feel terror. There is one interesting story related to the film. It was actually adapted from a novel unauthorizedly; the creator of Nosferatu faced a lawsuit for this. However, it did not affect the greatness of the film.

Nosferatu 2018
Photo Credit – Film Arts Guild

Bram Stoker, the writer of the novel (Dracula) deserves a real applaud for creating such wonderful horror script. It would be a pleasure for all to have the remake of Nosferatu this year.

If you already don’t know, the original film tells a fascinating story where a real estate agent named Hutter visits a person’s haunted castle to make him buy a new house. Soon he gets to know that the owner of the castle is a vampire. Hutter gets trapped in the castle while the vampire goes out for haunting.

Expectations: Before talking on it, I pray that the creators of the remake will keep it as simple as the original work. A lot of modifications and extra effort can make it taste bad. Would love if Blumhouse gets involved in the project. Being said that, the remake may be in the Top films of 2018 in all genres if everything goes simple. Predicted rating: 7.2 – 7.7

Piranha JPN

According to Dreadcentral, the film is going to be shot this summer in Japan, so we may expect it to be at the theaters by the end of 2018. Being made by Japanese creators, there is going to be a change in the look of Piranhas in the film.

Piranha JPN 2018
Photo Credit: http://piranha.tokyo

Fans would be waiting for it eagerly as it belongs to the series of the cult classic Piranha (1978). Being inspired by Jaws, the original film gained a positive review by Steven Spielberg himself.

Expectations: Nothing much and nothing less! It is sure that there will be no major changes in the script. There will be Piranhas haunting people in some sea or river. But for the audience, it will be interesting to see the Japanese flavor in it. So just get into the theaters, enjoy it and relax. Predicted rating: 5 – 5.4


The film is among such good horror films that professional critics have praised. Suspiria is based on an English writer Thomas De Quincey’s work. The film belongs to the trilogy “The Three Mothers” and it is the most applauded film among the three.


According to one of the actors of Suspiria 2018 Mia Goth, the film is inspired by the original work however calling it a remake don’t make much sense because there will be many modifications in the script.

Now it seems like a huge promise by the creators and it isn’t going to be a smooth job to create an inspired version of Suspiria equal or better than it.

Expectations: High, very high hopes for the film are there. But I doubt it to be like or better than the original work. We can just wait to know what it will be like. Predicted rating: 6 – 6.5

The Grudge

As some of you already may know that the remake of this original Japanese horror has been made before in the year 2004, just two years after the release of the original version. Interestingly, the American version was also directed by Takashi Shimizu, who directed the Japanese version. There have been two sequels following the 2004’s remake.


The upcoming Grudge remake has Sam Raimi as the producer and Ghost House Pictures once again. But, there is no Takashi this time, Nicolas Pesce is going to directed and write it.

Expectations: I personally expect the creators of the film to make it better among all the American parts/versions of the film. It makes sense too as there have been films that have not worked for the critic kind of minds. Personal rating – I believe that 2018’s Grudge will be the finest American version, so 6.2 – 6.7

The House with a Clock in its Walls

The film is adapted by the novel of the same name by John Bellairs, published in the year 1973. It was made concerning kid readers. The novel has really positive reviews across the web which makes the upcoming film version of it more interesting.

I have read the plot of the novel on Wikipedia which I found so fascinating and fresh.

The House with a Clock in its Walls Movie

It is about an orphan boy Lewis who moves to his uncle’s house. Previously, an evil couple used to live in the house that hid a clock in the walls of the property that was made to destroy the world. Even now, the clock works and may turn hazardous for all. It becomes worst when Lewis accidently awakens one from the couple from the grave. Isn’t that seems fascinating for a horror!

Expectations: We already have a few films so far that may be in Top lists of 2018’s horrors; have to include The House with a Clock in its Walls. After reading the story of the novel, I guess many people would like to watch it. Predicted Ratings: 7.1 -7.3.

The Meg

The word Entertainment describes this film the best; there is going to be sci-fi, horror along with action that will be obviously done by Jason Statham. The concept of The Meg sounds familiar where some veteran is going to rescue a bunch of helpless people.


But all this is going to take place inside Pacific Ocean against a giant shark; so yes there is something fresh for the audience.

Additionally, the film should connect well with the viewers as the story also focuses trapped scientists in a submarine. So, they should talk about their personal matters while Jason implements his rescue operation.

Expectations: It will be among such films of the year in all the genres which you can celebrate with a bunch of people with you. So go and plan to watch it; nothing to worry. But critics will have some disappointment with it. Predicted ratings: 5.7 – 5.9

The Nun

So there is a Marvel universe, a DC one and now there is a The Conjuring universe. As we have already seen a successful byproduct of the film, “Annabelle”; it makes The Nun more trustable. In the upcoming spin off, the story will begin with the investigation of the death of the nun that was shown in The Conjuring 2. So, there will be sequels for sure for this one also just like of Annabelle’s.


Additionally, audience will have more byproducts of “The Conjuring” because of the massive success of Annabelle and Annabelle creation. We may witness the next spin off after The Conjuring 3.

Expectations: I have watched all films of The Conjuring Universe and loved the screenplay of them. There are always nice horror timings for the audience to feel scared. Here, I would especially like to applaud a scene in Annabelle Creation where there the evil spirit forms in a cloth and suddenly vanishes. The Nun will also maintain the standards and will be a good horror of 2018. Predicted Score: 5.9 – 6.6

The Predator

Another spin-off franchise’s film that is going to be released in 2018. So far all the three franchise’s films (Predator, Predator 2, Predators) have been really fine for commercial cinema’s fans and as well as for real critics. Most interestingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated on TheArnoldFans.com that he has been discussing with the creators of The Predator about his comeback in the role. If that happens, it would be a delightful present for his fans across the globe, such as me in India.


Shane Black, the director of the film has said that he and his team has been trying to have fascinating modifications in the upcoming sequel to create a kind of uniqueness to create a new base for the franchise. However, The Predator can’t be called a reboot as its story will be chained with previous films.

Expectations: A fan of the franchise may say that it will be as good as other Predator films. But, there is going to be major modifications and we all know the fact that majority of such projects either goes up or below the scale. But it feels like it will be a better film. Predicted score: 7 – 7.2

Truth or Dare

So let’s talk something interesting first. There would be hundreds of Hollywood horrors with the same script; I guess you have got it. There is a group of friends each time that plans some trip into the woods and their car gets some issue, you know the rest story.

Now there have been 3-4 films of the title “Truth or Dare” in 2010s; they have the similar concept. All the films concern the game and some teenagers who get into trouble because of it.


The 2018 version of the title is no different if the idea is considered. But it seems the most promising among all the films as it is a creation of Blumhouse Productions. We as an audience may expect a twist in the end too.

Expectations: There are many chances that Truth or Dare 2018 will be the finest film in the same concept. The film would be a great watch for those who need thrill and terror. Predicted rating: 5.2 – 6 (because of no-unique concept)

Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built

It would be a much awaiting film for many movie fans along with the fans of horror. It is more than a usual horror as it displays true historical events about Winchester Mystery House and its owner Sarah Winchester. Many of you may know about the story, if not then continue the reading.

In 1800s there was a giant arm manufacturing company called Winchester Repeating Arms Company, owned by William Wirt Winchester. After William’s and his daughter’s death, his wife Sarah Winchester begun to believe that all had happened because of the spirits of those who were killed by the company’s arms


Convinced by someone, Sarah begun to construct a mansion where there would be rooms for each spirit to make it calm.

It is said that the work of construction was a non-stop process till the death of Sarah. But, according to Wikipedia Sarah might use to pause the work.

Expectations: Along with an absorbing script, the trailer of the film has some very well timed horror shots. It seems like Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built will be an ultimate film product that will have both screenplay and idea worthy. Predicted rating: 6.5 – 7.5

A Nightmare on Elm Street

It is among the most prestigious horror franchises, there is a cult following of it and as well as of the main character’s Freddy Krueger.

So there have been 7 sequels to the original 1984 film and a reboot in the year 2010. Now again in 2018, there is going to be a reboot of the franchise. At first it may seem boring as we had a reboot in the year 2010. But, the 2010’s reboot did not get much applaud by the fans and critics. So, it makes sense to re-energize the horror dynasty.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2018
Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

Some sources on the web say the film will be a remake of 2010’s reboot, which I totally disagree. There haven’t been much updates about the upcoming film but it would be a fresh reboot because New Line would be really concerned about the future of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

If some of you don’t know already then the franchise majorly displays about an evil Freddy Krueger who was killed by a mob, had been accused of child killings. Now he kills kids of the people in the mob to have revenge.

Expectations: The film should be considered a kind of a reboot fans were seeking in 2010, but didn’t have it. I believe the upcoming reboot may elevate the franchise once again. Predicted rating: 6.7 – 7.1

Dead Snow 3

Dead Snow films have given the zombie-horror genre an up-lift. It feels so fascinating when zombies in Nazi Germany’s army uniform hunt people. It would have taken a deep imagination of the writer Tommy Wirkola to come up with such marvelous concept.

Dead Snow 3
Photo Credit: Euforia Film

The first film was good and the second one was better; there were Nazi zombies operating military tanks and weapons against their prey. It seems like the last film of the trilogy will be the best. Tommy has also stated that the team has been preparing for the same; he wants to end the trilogy at its best. Additionally, there is going to be the zombie Hitler in the movie which itself is a magnet to attract audience.

Base of the film: Across the snow region in Norway there was the invasion of Hitler’s SS army unit during WWII that used to treat slaves too cruelly. One of the rebel slaves made them in such conditions that they died. Now after years, the unit has been seeking up for the revenge.

Expectations: There is no reason to not consider the upcoming Dead Snow 3 movie a great watch among all the genres. Yes, it may also be the finest film of the series. Predicted rating: 6.6 – 7.2

Friday the 13th Part XIII

2018 is going to be a cherish year for horror fans as 3 films of cult franchises are being released including Friday the 13th. Since the fourth film, “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter”, the following films haven’t been a talk of appreciation, especially by the critics; yes, excluding the crossover film.

Friday the 13th movies concern the character of Jason Voorhees who died in a lake which is now cursed with him. There has been several died by him around the area.


The upcoming movie is titled “Friday the 13th: Jason Vs. Jarvis”, which will be a battle between the two characters. As Jarvis defeated Jason in the 1984’s sequel; it would be much interesting to have them against each other once again.

Expectations: There are a lot of signs of worthiness of the 13th Friday the 13th film. Corey Feldman who played the role of young Jarvis may be back as an adult one in the film; which will be great to watch. Predicted rating: 5.5 – 5.8

Mama 2

The first film, Mama, has been one such modern horrors that I still remember and feel. I have been always a follower of simplicity in life and films as well. The concept of the film was straight forward along with having a taste of freshness.

Mama 2013 received applaud not only by the viewers but at the Box Office as well. It earned around ten times of its production cost which itself is a kind of a record; there would be a few such horrors.

Mama 2
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

According to a report on cinemablend; there will be no Jessica Chastain and the director Andy Muschietti in the sequel. The creators of a praised indie horror “Starry Eyes”, Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch may be in the charge for the upcoming film. There is not much news about the film yet; audience may have to wait till the end of the year to have it.

Expectations: The first film almost had a complete ending of the story with only the elder girl left to be with mama. It could be anything in the sequel which is tough to predict. But I believe it will be a good few hours of screenplay. Predicted rating: 5.7 – 5.9

Some more films to keep eye on:

Here are some more horrors releasing in the year 2018 that look solid and may give you a fine terror experience. Most films below are some sequel.

  • Death House
  • Goosebumps: Horrorland
  • Monster Party
  • Overlord
  • Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich
  • Slenderman
  • The Blob
  • The First Omen
  • The Purge: The Island
  • The Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in 3D
  • Hellraiser: Judgment
  • Lights Out 2
  • Trick ‘r Treat

So above were the films that seemed most promising in the horror genre for 2018. Nosferatu, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th Part XIII and Dead Snow 3 would be making the fans most excited.

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