When you look at all the possible options HEOS provides, coupled with how easy it is to integrate into a serious Trang chủ theater system with a Denon or Marantz receiver, then throw on top of that the awesome sound quality with Hi-Res Audio and you have a line of products that is a real winner!


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Từ khóa: Introduction to HEOS by Denon, Introduction to HEOS by Denon, Introduction to HEOS by Denon

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  1. Francisco Ortiz

    Heos is great, for those of you who do not know what it is or what it can do. Basically it is a controller software that runs on semi-smart components like receivers and smart speakers. Heos allows you to control pay subscriptions like Tidal, Sirusxm, Amazon music and others. In addition HEOS hosts many FREE streaming services like Iheartradio, spotify and my favorite Tunein. And… it has a cool free app that will control your component from your phone…AWESOME !! So far only Denon and Marantz receivers have this… but i can see the future… it will be one of the few "stream controllers" to survive… you shall see. I think and hope HEOS survives because it supports both free, freemium and subscription services on one controller.

  2. K

    What if i don't want to use the HEOS app to access Spotify or any other "insert name of streaming service here"? Is there a way to bypass the HEOS app altogether?

  3. PhillyDjHook

    I hear the app for this is 💩. Is this true? I have a denon receiver. But i'm not sure about this because of all the bad things that i'm hearing.

  4. Adam Piatt

    Can you use HEOS speakers with a Denon A/V Receiver for 5.1 surround sound setups? Or does the receiver only direct sound to 1 HEOS speaker at a time?

  5. Thijs van Abs

    I'm new to this whole multiroom thing but would this mean I can place one of these in the kitchen fully wirelessly (no connecting to the wall needed) and play a song via the app? I have a Denon AVR-X1400H so it fully supports Heos. Last but not least, if I wanted to can I buy enough of these to make a home cinema experience of it? The Heos 1s aren't too pricey and that would be a fantastic solution.

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