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Aayush Sharma is making his Bollywood debut this year from the movie Loveratri. Being the brother-in-law of superstar Salman Khan, the movie is in limelight since its announcement.

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 – Abhiraj Minawala

Writer – Vikas Bahl

Producer – Salman Khan

Star Cast – Aayush Sharma, Warina Hossain

Music – Tanishk Bagchi

Production – Salman Khan Films

Distribution – Eros International

Release Date – 5 October 2018

Along with Aayush Sharma, his co-star Warina Hussain is also making her debut in the industry.

The title of the flick is itself fascinating “Love-Ratri”, a name similar to Hindu festival Navratri. And, the movie has a lot to do with it as well.

On Valentine’s Day this year, Salman himself tweeted the poster to his fans. The poster shows both the debutants playing Dandiya.

Initially, there was a tweet by Salman that made his fans much happy where he tweeted “I have found the girl”. It felt like he was talking about his marriage, but it was referred to Warina Hussain opposite to Aayush.

A debut movie for an actor or any other key person in the development plays a pivotal role in his/her future. Such projects also have high hopes at the personal level.

loveratri movie
Image credit – Eros International

Additionally, the director Abhiraj Minawala would have been feeling the same as Aayush and Warina, as it is his debut movie as the director as well. Previously, he worked as an assistant director in Fan, Sultan and Gunday.

So the entire unit of Loveratri is fresh and newcomer, they would be energetic to prove themselves as well as concerned about the outcome. However, being a SKF productions’ film, there would be a proper guidance and support of Salaman and his mates in the industry. It is early to predict the quality of the movie, but things seem balanced if not overwhelming.


Nothing is officially disclosed about the storyline; however the theme of the movie makes the plot much predictable. It is set in the festival of Navratri where Aayush and Warina would meet and a love drama would take place.

The story doesn’t look much fresh and compelling; I believe it is the theme of the movie that will evoke interest gradually.

Actor Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor are also in impactful roles in the movie, and there seems no doubt that at least one of them has negative role, probably Ronit. Here, the script feels old school, let’s not hope for that.

Moreover, audience shouldn’t have many demands from the story. It looks more a screenplay and characters dependent flick. You can hope for an entertaining screenplay though.

There are high chances of commercial success of Loveratri, there are multiple factors. Being related to Salman Khan, the movie has been in talks very early, and it is going to release during the time of the festival. Such romantic-family dramas are never missed by movie fans during the season.


Tanishk Bagchi who made his music debut from 2015’s Tanu Weds Manu Returns is going to compose music for Loveratri. Bagchi has delivered hit & trendy songs. As Loveratri is a typical romantic Bollywood movie, the composer has composed for similar flicks such as Badrinath Ki Dulhania. What I am excited for is a remake song from the movie, as Tanishk composed many in 2017 and most were welcomed by the listeners.

Additionally, Atif Aslam will also give his voice to a song in the movie, an emotional and serious track for sure.


Loveratri Auditionist Yogita Bihani gets a T.V Show via Mid-day

There is a new daily soap show coming in June 2018 called Dil Hi Toh Hai, produced by Balaji Telefilms. The show features Karan Kundra and Yogita Bihani in the lead roles. Yogita is among those auditionists of Loveratri who were applauded by Salman Khan.

Though Salman chose Warina in the lead role, he praised Yogita for her performance and told her that she has a fine appearance and an opportunity would be there for her soon. And the up and coming actress finally got Ekta Kapoor’s show.

Yogita didn’t feel low after being rejected for Loveratri, even got attention of the superstar Salman Khan who approached Ekta. She said that she was satisfied by her audition as Salman recognized her face and Loveratri might not be a fit for her.

If you have already noticed, Yogita is the girl who appeared in the promo of Dabangg’s upcoming Dus Ka Dum season. It feels good to know that how Salman keeps supporting new comers in the industry.


Aayush and his wife Arpita Khan shared the same feeling that they are excited and nervous as well. The wife also wished him success on Twitter.

The film is being produced by Salman Khan Films, the first shooting schedule begun in March 2018 where Salman shared a picture.


Warina holds much experience of camera than Aayush who hasn’t been seen in any movie form previously. She studied in The New York Film Academy and later she moved to Delhi. Warina has appeared in a few T.V commercial.

However, she is not Indian, she belongs to an Iraqi family. But, she has been in Indian since 2013, so it would be fluent for her to deliver Bollywood’s dramatic accent’s dialogues.

Ram Kapoor Joins the Crew in London  via Mumbai Mirror

The second schedule of the film is being shot in London, famous T.V face Ram Kpoor has joined the crew who is playing Aayush’s uncle in the movie. His character in the movie is jolly.

Ram has been enjoying the shoot; he and the director Abhiraj Minawala shared the same school as well. It seems like there is a much positive environment.

The actor shared that it makes him blissful to be in London; he has shot a few more flicks in the city previously and now London has been his other home. He especially loves the cold weather.

In the movie, Ronit Roy is portraying Warina’s father. Ram and Ronit doesn’t have much scenes to share on-screen, however they are going to appear in a song together. The actors are friends since years, during the schedule they spend some quality time together having food and fun in the city.

Moreover, Ram commented on Aayush that he is a well prepared actor and doesn’t need much guidance. Aayush’s dancing skills and looks have also impressed him a lot. He hasn’t shared a shot with Warina, so we have to wait a bit to know about her silver screen skills.

As I mentioned earlier in this post that the script would be simple with no huge twists; Ram has also mentioned the same about Loveratri.

Arpita Khan visits London

Loveratri is being supported by many including the superstar and on personal level as well by the near ones of the lead cast. Arpita, who would be as excited as Aayush for the movie, has gone to London. She tweeted about it where she shared that she is spending quality time with her family.

Salman missed to be in London with the crew via Deccanchronicle

As it is his brother-in-law’s debut movie, Salman Khan has been trying to make it a visible success. It is obvious and expected that the superstar will keep himself involved during the entire production schedule.

Salman was set to be in London with the crew of Loveratri, however due to the Balckbuck case he is unable to be at the place. If he was in London, he would definitely help the debuting lead cast by his experience and tips. However, Salman is connected with the crew via other mediums.

Aayush Shares a Blissful Picture

Since the first poster of the movie, Warnia and Aayush seemed to have a nice chemistry; the personalities of the duo also match really well and make them look an impactful couple.

loveratri movie
Image credit – Eros International

Aayush has shared a picture from the sets of the movie where the duo is taking bliss in a Navratri night. What had my eyes the most and makes this picture interesting is a bandage on Aayush’s head.

I guess it shares something about script; it would be a scene where the two strangers meet after Warina hits Aayush’s head mistakenly with a Dandiya stick.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad to Boycott the Movie via NDTV

I smelt controversy since the announcement of the movie, it all has to do with the title “Love-Ratri”, means a night of love. The movie is themed at Hindu festival Navratri where devotees worship Goddess Durga for nine continuous days. It is being released during the festival as well.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a non-profit organization that works for the welfare of the society and Hinduism has stated that they won’t let the movie to be released in the country. The president of VHP said that the title is insulting and damaging to the holy festival.

I personally believe that “Love-ratri” makes a negative impact on the feelings of the festival that is all about true devotion to the God. It should be changed with a gentleman’s spirit by SKF or we may witness the same boycott that happened to Padmavati.

It is still early days of the movie and it won’t cost much to alter the name; the movie hasn’t been marketed on mainstream channels as well.

A New Picture from the Sets

Loveratri is going to be purely for the family audience, even if it has romance as the main genre. Salman, who is the producer of the movie, made the director to not have intimate scenes.


A new picture from the set has been shared by Aaayush’s wife Arpita with all the crew members featuring in it. It feels like there was some song shot at the place, a song with large canvas with an approach of celebration.

Being a SKF productions flick, Loveratri would have a large space that works well to attract family audience. We all will get to know more about it once there are some more pictures from the sets.


  • Aayush Sharma
  • Warina Hussain
  • Ronit Roy
  • Ram Kapoor


Salman shared that he found the leading actress via Being in Tough app. In a tweet promoting his app, Danbang wrote that it is just a beginning and he has to find more talent.


Salman Khan is among a few actors who doesn’t do kissing scenes in movies; it is one reason that a wide range of audience loves him, including families. In the movie Loveratri, he has cast his no kissing ideology. There was a scene in the movie that demanded a kiss scene between Aayush and Warina, however Salman made the director to have some other alternative to display the emotion. Another reason could be his concern about his sister Arpita.


A few weeks ago the news hit that VHP is going to boycott Loveratri because of its Title insulting to the holy festival Navratri. Now, according to the source the producer Salman Khan has decided to change the Title; he doesn’t want any kind of trouble during the release of the movie, just like what happened to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film early this year. Salman may use some online platform where fans would suggest a new name for the film; I believe that this way more fans will be attracted to the movie along with VHP’s rage saying goodbye.

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