Missing Movie 2018 Review (Goes well with Lags)

(3.1 / 5)
Missing Movie 2018
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Missing totally feels like the modern version of Kaun 1999 also featured Manoj Bajpayee, and you come to know that at the very end. I may have destroyed the movie for you before you watch it, but it is what it is.

However, Missing have been modified really well; it feels like a fresh movie before the climax. The idea of the movie is nice but for thriller is a good one where a little girl gets missing and there is no one to suspect after a suspicious man turns legitimate. To make the movie interesting, the director Mukul Abhyankar keeps embedding drama, a lot of drama during the entire watch time which is a sign of good filmmaking.

Missing tries to maintain a balance between thriller and drama, but overdoes drama in between.

The story is fine, it keeps giving you twists and turns from the beginning of the movie, I enjoyed it. However, it doesn’t feel going smooth. It feels like the movie is forcing the script.

Just after the first half when the suspicious man, played by a talent T.V actor (don’t know the name) turns legitimate, the movie totally shifts to drama and loses thriller. Manoj Bajpayee keeps trying to fool the cops lead by Annu Kapoor to hide his identity which is told to the audience initially in the movie. This doesn’t evoke any interesting, I mean who cares if Manoj’s real identity gets disclosed. Instead, it would have been much-much better if his real character was not shown initially, that would make the story smoother and brings intense thriller.

At the end we can say that Missing gets into a mixture of bugs and good.

A huge complain with the movie is that it becomes really illogical two times. The character of Annu Kapoor is shown as an experienced and disciplined investigating officer; however he does very silly mistakes while investigating the case, even majority of audience would get the lead from those evidences. But, the experienced cop is told by a receptionist instead. Additionally, in the initial phase Annu Kapoor suspects the marriage of Manoj and Tabbu, and when Manoj tells him the truth he doesn’t believe him; doesn’t make any sense, sorry.

However, the screenplay is awesome. Doesn’t matter what the script shows, but it shows things with perfection. Audience gets involved in the movie and gets entertained with all the realistic drama.

The talented star cast of Manoj, Annu and Tabbu helps the movie connect well. All the three actors have played their roles perfectly; Manoj wins the hearts again with his over-convincing attitude just like in Kaun. The character of Tabbu is introvert and somewhere depressed, so there was not much to show from her.

The cinematography of Missing is absolutely fine and keeps the thrill. The environment is kept desolated, boring and silent which suits the genre. But again, I picked one more lag in logic; it is shown in the movie that it is a peak holiday time and in the luxurious and famous resort you don’t see any or much people, WHY?

RATING – 6.2/10

Concept – 5/10
Story – 6.5/10
Screenplay & Direction – 8/10
Connectivity – 8/10
Acting – Awesome
Cinematography – Nice
Logics – negative marks


Flirty Mr.Dubey who lives in Reunion is about to leave to Mauritius for office work; he convinces his wife Aparna to not be with him on the trip. However, she along with their daughter Titli gets with Dubey.  Upon reaching Mauritius, Titli suffers from high fever; they check into a luxurious resort after midnight. Dubey goes out to have warm milk for their daughter where he shows his flirty character when he talks to a woman on phone. He reaches to the room having milk for Titli. In the morning, his wife finds that Titli is missing. She suspects a man who was roaming out their room at the night, but the man denies. While the resort staff searches for their daughter, Aparna decides to call the police.

However, Dubey tries to stop her doing so and from here the movie becomes interesting and gets into flashback. It is shown that the woman and he met for the first time in the ship and were strangers where Dubey convinced the woman to be with him to help her condition.

Having shown that, Dubey promises her to find Titli. Being a mom, the woman keeps searching the resort and finds that suspicious man swimming with a little girl. Upon reaching closer, it turns out to be a doll. Desperate of being exposed to his real wife, Dubey too keeps searching for the girl. However, the woman calls the police.

Inspector Buddhu with his team investigates the case; however he finds something unusual between Aparna and Dubey. He examines their tickets and finds out that the reservation dates are different; Dubey somehow convinces him. Meanwhile, Aparna tells the officer about that suspicious man. Buddhu makes the news on television and the man gets arrested while having lunch with a little girl. However, the girl turns out to be his daughter and things get to zero again.

Buddhu instructs Dubey to help the sketch artist make Titli’s sketch. Hopeless Dubey tells the profiles of Aparna. Thereafter, situation becomes threating for Dubey as Buddhu already has a sketch, made by Aparna which doesn’t match. He creates a silly story; tells the cops that his wife is suffering mentally, she can’t be a mom and just imagine to be, and there is no girl named Titli. Dubey convinces the officer to not tell this to Aparna as she can be more ill.

But Dubey’s lie gets exposed when the receptionist tells the officer that she heard their daughter weeping at the night of check-in.

Exposed Dubey now tells Buddhu the actual story that he and the woman are not husband and wife. But, the officer slaps him guessing it to be another stupid tale by Dubey. He tells the woman to tell the reality to the cops, but surprisingly, the woman denies and continues to pretend as his wife. Dubey makes the cops to leave them alone for a few minutes. There, he tells the woman that he is the kidnapper and takes her with him. Upon reaching to a desolated place, he tells the woman that it was just another lie. While examining a bag at the place, the woman kills Dubey.

Thereafter, it is disclosed by the woman’s father that her name is Titli and she escaped from mental asylum a day before.

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