Monster High: Boo York Movie Review (Well Scripted)

(3.3 / 5)
Monster High Boo York movie review
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The main concept of Monster High franchise is really interesting itself, so it enhances and gives value to each of its movie. I have watched a few Monster High movies; usually there is an adventurous theme. Boo York also showcases the same where the Ghouls go to the most fascinating city of Boo York for a gala. Considering the targeted audience, such adventures are always compelling. The movie focuses on events and script, not much on concept.

The script has impressed me a lot, there are multiple conflicts and call to actions. You see Catty Noir losing her fame and trying to find herself back, Cleo’s father Nefera and her sister attempting to make her separated from her boyfriend and a hazard heading towards the city.

I know you have watched such scripts in countless flicks, but the combination of the three storylines turns Boo York compelling. It helps the movie to be intense and engaging most of the times; it never feels sluggish.

Additionally, I like the way the director has used music to showcase characters’ feelings and to move the story. It is so entertaining and contributes value to the movie. Especially, the song “Empire, Empire” is awesome with cool dancing moves.

There are conflicts in the movie, but they aren’t much absorbing, you can easily pass them. However, for kids they are good.

Boo York holds Monster High’s idea, a compelling script, interesting characters and nice music. So, it has all to deliver an entertaining and engaging screenplay. The city itself brings fascination on screen; there are material things such as Statue of Boo York.

Cleo de Nile receives much empathy when you see her separated from her boyfriend Deuce. A little get Catty Noir who is so concerned to get her music back.

In the movie, you don’t witness a badass villain who just wants to harm the Ghouls. But, you see Boo York’s most powerful family’s head Amuncommon Ptolemy who is ideologically fine but feels like a villain.

There are a few more characters that evoke interest such as Deuce who is concerned to be in Boo York as he is a total unfit for the royal surroundings, Toralei Stripe who gets with Nefera to the city and Luna Mothews who has arrived to Boo York to be a stage performer.

Moreover, cinematography is so colorful and attractive as in any Monster High creation.

RATING – 6.4/10

Concept – 6/10
Story – 5/10
Screenplay & Direction – 8/10
Connectivity – 7/10
Music – Feels Good
Cinematography – Beautiful


Gone those days when Catty Noir was a sensation in music industry; she is now struggling and has lost the touch. Catty observes and points out that she should first feel the music naturally before writing and performing. Meanwhile, Cleo de Nile gets her father’s Ramses’s message that they are going to Boo York city in a night gala where a comet will be showcased, organized by the city’s royal family Ptolemies. Cleo is allowed to bring a few friends with her, but she brings all of them including her boyfriend Deuce.

Monster High Boo York movie review
Image credit – Mattel

Moreover, Ramses tells the other daughter Nefera that the comet struck centuries ago in Sahara Desert, it was a blessing to their Egyptian empire and poses powers; any promise made under its light never gets false.

Upon reaching to Boo York, excited Ghouls become friends with Luna Mothews, an aspiring stage performer who came to the place with big dreams. Meanwhile, Cleo doesn’t like Toralei Stripe with her sister at the place. But soon Cleo rushes away to Ptolemy tower to attend a meeting of her family with Ptolemies. However, Amuncommon Ptolemy criticizes Niles to be late.

Ramses tries to convince Nafera to marry  Amuncommon’s son Seth so that they can be more prosperous and powerful. Nafera denies but she makes a plan to make her sister Cleo marry Seth. She organizes a dinner at Ptolemy tower and successfully humiliates Deuce to make her apart from Cleo. Her plan works and Deuce leaves Cleo.

Meanwhile, Ghoulia tracks a giant comet heading towards Book York city.

The night of the gala comes and Cleo is told about her and Seth’s promise ceremony and she agrees. However, Seth denies to marry her and unmasks himself. (Spoiler) He turns out to be the famous pop star of Boo York named Pharaoh who is already in love with Catty Noire, met her at the station.(/Spoiler)

He flies Catty away; however Nafera uses the comet and grabs their voices and feelings. Seth again gets agree to marry Cleo where her mother defends his karma by mentioning it as prank.

In the meantime, Toralei takes the comet and poses Seth’s and Catty’s voices. When Ghouls get to know about it, they chase her, get the item back. Having gotten comet, Ghouls cure the duo. Seth makes her mother realize her mistake whereas Catty gets her touch back being with Seth.

Additionally, Ghoulia stops the strike of the comet and the pilot in the comet takes the existing piece back. But she also gets admitted to Monster High.

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