Monster High: Electrified Movie Review (Fascinating but less Compelling)

(3.2 / 5)
Monster High: Electrified Movie Review
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Like any other Monster High movie, Electrified also talks about a hazard to the Monster community. In the movie, Ghoul friends are trying to collaborate the community with humans; however a Ghoul hates humans and plans to scare them. So this conflict is much bigger as it decides the future of Monster High School. And, as the name indicates, electricity plays a pivotal role in the movie; it just makes it fascinating, nothing else.

I am impressed that the script keeps building from the very first minute where Ghoul friends rescue another Ghoul, and it moves smooth and nice. You can’t point out exactly from where the call to action happens, it goes likes a chain, one after other. However, the overall movie isn’t much compelling like Boo York which has multiple storylines added. In the entire watch time you see Ghouls preparing to welcome humans whereas one is trying to ruin it.

There is a nice try to add a little separate storyline of a newly formed music band in Monster High, but it doesn’t work effectively.

Screenplay is the power of Electrified; it shows interesting events that includes Ghouls creating a saloon for humans and a newly introduced Ghoul Twyla being a part of their team. You enjoy it most of the time, and for kids it couldn’t be better.

What I have noticed after watching a few Monster High movies that it develops empathy for at least one Ghoul in every movie; one reason that people love its movies. In Electrified, the saloon is Clawdeen’s dream and its outcome should be positive to have justice to her hard work, you feel for her.

Along with showcasing and playing with electricity, the movie also showcases Zombies that are obviously dumb and stupid villains; it also contributes much to the screenplay.

So what should have been better is embedding of a separate storyline or showcasing the actual movie with more intensity. But it is all fine as it is for kids.

RATING – 6.3/10

Concept – 6/10
Story – 4.5/10
Screenplay & Direction – 7/10
Connectivity – 8/10
Cinematography – Good


The movie opens with Draculara introducing the audience about the past; she tells how Monster High School gets constructed when she met Frankie and how they found other Monster across the globe with the help of a navigation device.

Monster High: Electrified Movie Review
Image credit – Mattel

Soon, other Ghoul friends notice a Monster in the outside world in the navigation and they all rescue the Ghoul to Monster High.

At the school, the Ghoul friends notice an invention of Frankie which is meant to absorb much more energy than its size. She tells that her invention will also be shared with humans. However, Moanica, a Ghoul with zomboys criticizes Frankie as she hates humans and wants to make them realize the power of the monster world.

In a class of Dracula, students learn that humans are most afraid of the dark as they get blind there. Moanica seeks this as an opportunity to implement her hate to humans. Frankie tells her new friend Twyla to spy on her and zomboys.

Meanwhile, the Ghoul friends play truth or dare at a night where Clawdeen is asked about her dream when monster and humans will share one roof. Clawdeen tells that her dream is to open a beauty salon. Her friends suggest to implement it now. Thereafter, all the Ghoul friends begin to transform an abandoned power house into a beautiful saloon. But, there is something unusual going with Frankie, she is receiving electricity from the light objects.

Whereas, Clawdeen is concerned about the inauguration as she is unable to have perfect costume designs. On a day, Frankie touches one of the dresses of Clawdeen that turns beautiful and electric. Clawdeen likes the new dress and makes her to change all of her wardrobe for the grand day.

On the other hand, Twyla keeps tracking zombies and she comes to know that they go into a hidden tunnel. Having fooled zomboys, she gets into the tunnel and witnesses something really evil. She sees that Moanica has stolen Frankie’s invention and has big machines to capture all the electricity into that; and has an army of zombies to help her. However, when she turns on the switch to transfer the electricity, the invention can’t house such power and blasts. Additionally, she captures Twyla but she makes her free to have Frankie, as she can absorb much more electricity.

While the Ghoul friends host the grand opening of the salon, Twyla tells Frankie everything she saw. The duo with Znap, a creature born from electricity, goes into the tunnel to stop Moanica. However, she makes Frankie to absorb all the electricity and soon the darkness embarks on humans.

(Spoiler) Moanica also gets into the salon inauguration event and there she makes humans scared; soon she leaves with her zomboys army at humans’ residence. There, they start messing out the place. Ghoul friends track her and with the help of Znaps they make Moanica fail. Upon reaching at school, she and her zomboys are punished, whereas humans come back to the saloon feeling the incident a part of monster theme. (/Spoiler)

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