Monster High: Haunted Movie Review (Well Themed)

(3.7 / 5)
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I found Monster High: Haunted among the most interesting movies of the franchise; it has a ghostly theme which also brings fascination. In the movie, the Ghoul friends has a large impact, however it focuses more on new characters this time, I liked it. The movie shows a whole new hidden world of ghosts, they have their own school called Haunted High. It feels an entirely fresh movie of the series. Audience also gets to see new objects and things.

The script is compelling and conflicts are also fine. From the very beginning, you watch Draculara being haunted by some spirit and from there it evokes interest. Once the storyline gets built, it elevates much and becomes more compelling as it moves. You feel wow when you come to know about the new world and its logics, your interest gets boosted when Principal Revenant is introduced who looks evil and when she plans to detain Monster High students, a nice conflict is developed.

The ghoul Spectra is in more focus in Haunted; she belongs to the ghost world and gets there after a long time. There are a few more new characters that include Spectra’s friend Kiyomi and Haunted High student Porter who helps the Ghouls.

I have witnessed that most characters make an impact in Monster High films, and in Haunted you see the same. The daughter of Boogieman Twyla also contributes much to the story; her father’s magical stuff helps the Ghoul friends a lot.

Additionally, there are three more interesting characters, the monitors of Haunted High; they are silly but cruel like their principal. I enjoyed them too.

As it is a dark world, there are different rules and logics. The audience enjoy when it knows that ghosts are afraid of monsters, they refer them as solids. As the movie proceeds, many characters are introduced, some evil stories are told and later you see Ghouls transforming into ghosts by Boogie sand. Hence, it creates a solid screenplay.

In the movie, Principal Revenant is the villain. She is really powerful and cruel, but there is a fine reason given to justify her ideology at the end. When a villain has a fine reason to implement odd, it elevates him.

I loved the cinematography of Haunted; it shows the ghost world really colorful and attractive. There are pretty ghosts as well with fine costumes such as Vandala Doubloons, the pirate girl.

Here, I would especially like to talk about an object in the movie, detention chains that are used to punish Haunted High students.

In a sum up, the movie is loaded with richness in filmmaking and material aspects as well.


While Monster High is applauding their star Sirena Von Boo’s great performance in an aquatic championship, Spectra Vondergeist is concerned of not having a story for her blog. There, Toralei makes her to publish a rumor that werewolves are having some flu. The blog’s update spreads quickly and students begin to have distance with them. Meanwhile, Draculara is being haunted by some spirit that has changed her hairstyle too.

Clawdeen Wolf criticizes Spectra for publishing a fake news where she suggests her to first have the true facts before posting any story on her blog. Being her friend, Clawdeen also promises her to come up with a compelling story for her. Soon Spectra runs away hastily for her story, Ghoul friends chase her and see her vanishing from the place. They follow her which lands them into a different world.

Spectra introduces them to it, it is the world of ghost that has been hidden from monsters. She also tells them that there was a ghost named Red Lady who would threaten others; she was punished for her karmas and now no ghost does such, they are even scared of monsters, call them solids.

The friends reach to Haunted High, the school for ghosts, wearing a magical gown so that they don’t afraid others. There, Spectra meets her friend Kiyomi after a long time.

Ghouls are told about the school that its principal Revenant is a cruel lady who punishes students without a reason; she captures them with detention chains so that they can’t be out of the place. And, there are three monitors too who just try to justify any action as mistake.

Soon, Revenant comes to them and gets to know about Monster High. She orders the monitors to capture the friends. All the friends escape, however Spectra doesn’t.

The Ghoul friends get to Twyla’s father lab where they find boogie sand that transforms them into ghosts. Meanwhile, Spectra suspects that Revenant is planning something evil. She, along with her new friend Porter starts finding about the past of the Principal but doesn’t get any clue.

Ghouls get back to Haunted High, while trying to make Spectra and Porter escaped, the monitors detain them as well. However, Porter soon finds that there is a key which can transfer detention to another ghost.

Whereas, Revenant wants to have Monster High’s students detained in her school. She gets Clawdeen’s diary where she gets to know about how to transfer students into ghosts, as dentition chains work on ghosts only. She sends the monitors to the school to have boogie sand and detain the students to Haunted High.

Porter receives all the detention with the help of the key and makes his friends free. (Spoiler) While all the ghouls goes to stop the detention by the monitors, Spectra and Porter digs more about the bad lady’s past. They stumble on a shocking truth that she is the Red Lady who has a ton of detention; she just wants to transfer it to the students to be free.

On the other hand, the ghouls stop the monitors to implement the odd, whereas Spectra reveals Revenant’s truth to her students. Raged Revenant begins to detain everyone and gets free from her punishment. However, she gets more detention chains automatically. She realizes her mistake where she apologizes to the students and remains the principal. (/Spoiler)

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