Mughal-E-Azam (1960)


Here we will discuss about the Epic movie Mughal-E-Azam; we will take about its idea, complete story, box office collection, star cast.

The one word that can describe Mughal-E-Azam is “Awesome”. It is the most loved and applauded movie of Hindi cinema; even after a half of century of its release, the movie has not faded a bit.

Mughal-E-Azam beautifully showcases rage of a father to his son for having love with an ordinary maid in his court. This concept of the movie makes it powerful where the father who rules India can’t accept such girl whereas the prince’s true love justifies the acceptance of the girl.

The director, K.Asif made the movie with such passion that it took around 16 years to complete it. He focused highly on each element of the film where he replaced entire glass set in the sheeshmahal and used imported one from Belgium to make the song iconic.

One interesting fact about the movie is that it had total 20 songs when completed, but the creators made several songs cut and picked the best ones.


Akbar, the emperor of India may have all the whishes fulfilled. However, he doesn’t have a child from her beloved wife Jodha Bai. Hopeless Akbar visits to Sufi saint Salim Chishti and begs to have his only desire completed. Soon he is blessed with a boy where a maid tells him about it; Akbar gifts a ring to the maid and promises her to have a wish of her completed.

Mughal-E-Azam movie

In his childhood, the prince Saleem paths towards a ruined life; he gets addicted to alcohol. Akbar takes a strict step to save his son and The Mughal Empire, and sends Saleem out of the house to be in battle fields. Having fought and won many battles, Saleem gets back to the Kingdom where he is applauded by his father.

On the day of his reception, he gets attracted towards a dancer named Anarkali. Gradually, the both fall in what is called True Love. Saleem wants Anarkali to be the princess of India. However, Akbar can’t let an ordinary woman to be the princess and when he gets to know about the affair, he sends her to jail. Upon convincing by Saleem, he forgives Anarkali. But when the duo doesn’t stop making love, Akbar again imprisons her with more cruelty. Saleem tries them to escape from the palace but they get caught. Thereafter, he declares war against his father but faces a defeat in the battle ground. Akabar decides to forgive him on his conditions but the rebelled prince denies and gets a penalty of death in place of hidden Anarkali.

On the day of his punishment when he is about to be dead; Anarkali arrives to save her love. Akbar announces to wall her alive. However, the woman who gave him the good news of the birth of Saleem turns out to be the mother of Anarkali and asks Akbar to forgive her daughter as a wish he granted her in the past. He walls her only to show Saleem that his love is no more but lets her out to a different country through a hidden tunnel.

Box Office: The movie was made from a huge budget of 1.5 crores in the year 1960 and became the most successful film at the box office with 5.5 crores earning in India and a total of 11 crores globally which is equal to 276 crores in 2018.


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