Nanu Ki Jaanu Movie Review (Nice One Time Watch)

(2.7 / 5)
Nanu Ki Jaanu Movie
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Nanu Ki Jaanu is a typical one time watch horror-comedy, drama Bollywood movie; the movie is more events based. The overall idea of the movie doesn’t bring any cinematic value at all; it is about a ghost trying to make her love a moral person; fell for him just before dying. From the concept itself you can smell that Nanu Ki Jaanu would have a still story where the movie moves with the events.

The movie gets its call to action very early, within 20-25 minutes and there are not many reasons added to move the story. Most of the watch time shows Abhay Deol trying to get rid of the ghost and get back his thug life. Now here, there is no reason for the audience to have empathy for Abhay as he is a goon; so it doesn’t excite much.

After the second half, the director Faraz Haider introduces Abhay’s mom in the movie, played by Himani Shivpuri. Her appearance gives a good reason to make the characters act; it elevates the script nicely.

The only flavor I loved in the movie is the screenplay; something always keeps happen, even though the story doesn’t move. There are a lot of characters in the movie that don’t let you be bored. When thug and fearless Abhay turns into timid; the movie becomes hilarious, followed by his crime partner played by Manu Rishi Chadha. Both the actors have worked and impressed the audience in 2008’s hit Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!. It feels good to see them again.

Most of the supernatural incidents take place in the movie makes you laugh and entertained such as a one where Manu challenges the ghost and find himself in a helpless situation.

In the movie, Abhay and his friends are ruthless and shameless land grabbers. When you see them in a trouble and hopeless situation, you enjoy and laugh. I believe that lack of empathy works well for the comedy part but not to make it an effective movie.

However, the movie connects well with the audience even without much emotions and empathy. You can feel the events happening in the movie. The most well connected character in the movie is of the ghost’s father played by Rajesh Sharma.

From the beginning, the movie holds realistic approach towards the characters and cinematography. There is an item song initially in the movie that features up and coming dancer Sapna Choudhary who is most famous among small town people and known for her performances on regional songs. The movie is set in Noida and I believe she would have a nice fan following in the north reign of the country. It helps to make the things more realistic.

Actor’s performances in the movie are one of its few strengths. Abhay has portrayed the character thug Nanu really-really well and he deserves applaud. Though he is a versatile actor but I believe that such cheap roles suit him the most.

So in a nutshell, Nanu Ki Jaanu is a movie to have nice entertainment with some buddies or family. Don’t expect much.

But, there is one serious lag in the movie that makes it kiddish in the end. During the climax, the girl’s dead body gets alive and has chat with his father and lover even though she could have talked to them in her spiritual presence.

RATING – 5.3/10

Concept – 4/10
Story – 4/10
Screenplay & Direction – 7.5/10
Connectivity – 6/10
Acting – Good
Cinematography – Fine


Nanu and his boys are Noida based land grabbers; they take houses on rent and then forcefully get the properties. On a day after closing one such deal; Nanu helps a girl named Siddhi who got hit in an accident. He takes her to the hospital, but sadly the girl dies. Depressed Nanu calls his father and the audience see a few flashbacks where it the bond between the father and the daughter is shown.

The incident breaks Nanu and when he goes to close one of his immoral deals; he failed to make the owner feared and comes to realize that he has been timed. He tells his gang to leave him alone for a while. Upon reaching home, Nanu witnesses some supernatural activities. His tries to get his immoral character back and joins his friends again. However, nothing works for him and he leaves again. Next day when he wakes up, he gets totally convinced that there is the spirit of Siddhi in the house.

He visits to his friends and tells them about the supernatural activities. One of his friends Dabbu makes his fun and decides to stay with him at the night. At the night, Dabbu challenges the ghost but gets into a short trauma after the spirit hangs him in the air.

They call a ghost hunter to help them with the situation. However, Siddhi’s spirit in the house proves the hunter fraud. Soon, Nanu’s mother comes to stay with him. Nanu decides to show his mother the supernatural activities, but fails to achieve so. Concerned Nanu plans to somehow send his mother out of the house. But, all his plans get failed where his mother falsely realizes that Nanu no longer cares her and decides to leave herself.

But soon Nanu gets the news that her mother is critically injured; he visits his home and criticizes the spirit of Siddhi. But, he comes to know that the spirit is in love with him and cares him when his neighbor tells that her husband pushes his mother upon stopping the domestic violence with her.

Thereafter, Nanu decides to find the culprit of Siddhi along with her father. They investigate and collect the evidence and reach to the man who looks suspect. The rich and authoritative man feels like a liar but he convinces them to be innocent.

At the night when Nanu wards off an accident, he comes to realize that it was him who was responsible for the accident. He visits Siddhi’s father and tells him the truth. Thereafter, Siddhi’s body that is kept by his father safe gets alive and does a see-off to the both.


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