Pacific Rim Uprising Movie Review (Old School but Fascinating)

(3.2 / 5)
Pacific Rim Uprising Movie
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I haven’t watched the debut movie and you shouldn’t have to either to understand the sequel. In the movie, they quickly introduce you to what happened previously and gives it a totally fresh start. Such ideas where human race is on the verge of end due to aliens or some other specie have been old school and boring. But, Pacific Rim comes up with a great modification where there are human made giant robots. Along with focusing on the thread, the movie also focuses on the giant machines which feels really fascinating and adds value.

For such mainstream cinema, Pacific Rim is a really worthy flick to watch. I call it a cinematic mainstream movie. And, it couldn’t have been much better with such concept.

An element that has impressed me a lot is that this time Hollywood hasn’t just concerned about saving America; the movie also shows other parts of the world with a climax in Japan. That feels fresh and exciting too.

The script houses two main call to actions; the first one where John Boyega and Cailee go to PPDC Academy without their wishes which itself creates a conflict for the characters and the last one where Kajus embark again on the planet.

That personal call to action helps the first half to be compelling; otherwise it would have been the same training and then fighting with the villains.

Once the story reaches to its goal, it delivers a huge reason to doubt; I personally felt how would they confront such giant attack, it was nice. But yes, after a few minutes, it becomes a usual fight and win movie with all good twists showcased. But, you enjoy the events thereafter.

While the story gets built, there are a lot of things happen. You see conflicts among characters, ideological differences and a few past talks. All these elements create an entertaining screenplay.

John’s character of Jake receives less empathy but it connects well. Whereas, Cailee’s character gets much empathy along with building an interesting first half.

Asian actress Jing plays Liwen, she is the core essence of the story and gives it the most compelling direction.

The director has also taken care of logic; you will witness it clearly during the climax that is loaded with intensity.

The action sequences are shown really well, they may feel lazy because of those giant Jeagers but have powerful and destructive impacts. You see Jeagers getting smashed onto buildings and other material things that get off their way like butter on knife. It creates a larger than life atmosphere that you want to watch in a sci-fi movie.

Additionally, just after you get finished watching the movie, it leaves you much excited for the sequel. Probably among the most interesting ones I hope.

Upon finishing my review, I checked the movie’s review at many sources. There are negative views about the movie, maybe it doesn’t meet to the standards of the first film; I haven’t watched the first one so I can’t comment.

RATING – 6.4/10

Concept – 5/10
Story – 5/10
Screenplay & Direction – 7.5/10
Connectivity – 8/10
Acting – Really Good
Cinematography – Thumbs Up


It has been 10 years since humans won the war against the monstrous creatures called Kaijus, send by an alien race Precursors, came through Breeches in ocean. Humans confronted the hazard by creating giant robots called Jaegers.

The son of Stacker, who sacrificed his life saving the world against Kaijus isn’t like him at all. He likes to enjoy at the abandoned coasts and steals Jaegers’ parts to have money. While performing a theft for a goon, he witnesses that someone has already stolen the capacitor of a Jaeger. He tracks the thief while taking down the goon and his boys. It takes him to a workshop where he meets a teenager Amara who has built her own little Jaeger called Scraper, as she believes that Kaijus will bounce back. Soon, PPDC force arrives there and the both land into the jail after a short chase.

Pacific Rim Uprising Review
Image Credit – Universal Pictures

Jake asks his elder sister Mako who is a PPDC official for favor; she sends the duo to PPDC Pilot Academy in China; Jake as ranger and Amara as a cadet. Jake reluctantly goes to the place and just wants to be back in his space ASAP.

Upon reaching at the academy, Amara faces aggressive disapproval of a fellow cadet.

Soon, SHAO industry’ owner Liwen displays the blueprint of remote controlled Jaegers in the academy; however she gets disapproval of all the pilots. Meanwhile, PPDC’s scientist Dr. Gottlieb discusses about his upcoming invention of Rocket Thrusters with SHAO’s researcher Dr. Newton.

Moreover, Jake and his co-ranger Nate are sent to Australia in the PPDC summit. However, the event gets canceled when a rogue Jaeger attacks. While they have an edgy fight with it, Jake’s sister Mako dies when her helicopter crashes.

Upon reaching to the academy, PPDC team decodes a clue about the rogue Jaeger, sent by Mako. It takes Jake and Nate to Siberia where they take down a rogue Jaeger; however they get a shock when they witness something like Kaiju in the pilot chamber.

Dr. Gottlieb inspects the creature and tells that it is made of Kaiju’s flesh. Meanwhile, Amara gets suspended from the academy for making fellow cadets’ life in threat. But, she also tells Jake that the creature could be created by SHAO.

PPDC sends Dr. Gottlieb to SHAO to have words with Dr. Newton on the matter. Meanwhile, a group of remote controlled Jaegers arrives at the academy and begins destruction.

In SHAO, Dr. Gottlieb comes to know that Newton’s brain was hijacked by Kaijus when he was a pilot and it is him who is responsible for the odd.

Newton escapes from SHAO’s security whereas Gottlieb shuts down all the Jaegers and saves the academy. However, the gateway called Breech gets opened for a while and a few Kaijus gets to the planet.

PPDC tracks the Kaijus and finds that one of them is moving to Mount Fuji where its blood can be more reactive. All the pilots in their Jaegers reach to Asia to take down Kaijus. (Spoiler) While dominating on a Kaiju, Newton makes it more powerful and giant, and a teenage pilot dies fighting against it.

Liwen sends upgraded Scraper with Gottlieb’s invention Thruster. Jake and Amara get to Mount Fuji and destroy the Kaiju. (/Spoiler)

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