Padmaavat Movie Review (Most Intense Historic Bollywood Flick)

(3.5 / 5)
Padmaavat Movie Review
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Padmaavat showcases a cruel and immoral ruler who wants a beautiful queen at any cost; we all have seen and been told such tales since childhood. The idea doesn’t bring interest but the intensity and huge conflict does. From the very beginning to the end, the movie holds grip and zeal.

The director Sanjay Leela Bhansali makes this ordinary concept work with his perfection and skills.

I don’t remember a historic Bollywood flick such intense during the entire watch time. Having said that, Mughal-e-Azam’s climax pops in my mind that was so energetic too. But, Padmaavat breaks it all; I applaud the director much for accomplishing it.

The historic setting where two different cultures and ideologies are shown brings fascination in the movie.

You see so moral Queen Padmavati and King Maharawal Ratan Singh who even doesn’t kill his enemy if it feels unfair. On the other side, there is powerful but immoral Alauddin Khilji who can kill anyone to fulfill his wishes. So when such monster becomes a thread to our hero, it leads to a lot of empathy and interest.

The script of the movie is simple, you won’t witness any or huge twists, and it is not that type of cinema. Like I mentioned before, Padmaavat is more a directorial creation. Though, the story elevates itself till the end and goes smooth.

All the events in the movie are really interesting. Till the first hour before the main call to action, you watch and enjoy Ranveer Singh’s cruel and weird character and when it reaches to its main element, the movie gives you a big reason to have conflict for the good side. I got smell of lose of the hero side; most movies does exactly opposite.

The screenplay is loaded with entertainment (much credit goes to Ranveer’s character), empathy and reasons to doubt. So it makes you to stick till the end. You can also feel the seriousness of the movie that is really well supported by the dialogues. Additionally, supporting actor Jim Sarbh plays a serviceman to Khilji, he too contributes fine.

Now let’s talk about one of the most crucial elements of a historic flick, cinematography. I have witnessed fails in cinematography in most Hindi movies. Baahubali too had lags in it, there were scenes completely loosing light and contrast to the environment. But, Padmaavat does this with perfection in each scene. However, VFX should be criticized in a few frames.

Ranveer Singh has portrayed his role with intensity and perfection. He shows the attitude of a cruel ruler naturally, doesn’t exceeds the limits; he is going to make it big at international level for sure.

Because of the focus is much on Ranveer in the entire movie, Shahid Kapoor could be underestimated. But, I loved his acting too, having less physical support to portray a Rajput, he does it marvelously well. And Deepika, she never lets you feel that she is doing acting, just delivers it with so ease as she is the character herself.

In a sum up, it is a commercial art movie that enhances standards of Bollywood in multiple elements.

RATING – 6.9/10

Concept – 4/10
Story – 6/10
Screenplay & Direction – 9/10
Connectivity – 8.5/10
Acting– Outstanding
Cinematography – Fabulous


Set in 13th century, the sultan of Afghanistan Jalaluddin Khilji shares his dream to be the sultan of Delhi. Soon, his nephew Alauddin Khilji arrives at the place with Jalaluddin‘s wish, an ostrich. There, Alauddin asks him to marry his daughter Mehrunissa. He gets a tight slap but the sultan agrees and gives her daughter to him.

Padmaavat Movie Review
Image credit – Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

Meanwhile, in the fascinating Sinhala kingdom, princess Padmavati is trying to hunt a deer, however she mistakenly hurts the king of Chittor Maharawal Ratan Singh. She cures the king and treats him with hospitality. And, before getting back to Chittor, Ratan Singh marries her.

On the ceremony night, Padmavati suspects that someone is trying to watch her and the King’s private moments; soon Ratan Singh throws a knife which gives a wound to the culprit. The queen points out that it would be their court’s priest Raghav Chetan as he is the one with such sandalwood smell. Raghav gets arrested and it is proved that he is the sinner. The king abandons and throws him out of the kingdom.

On the other hand, Jalaluddin Khilji has won the kingdom of Delhi. However, he is concerned about Mongols; passionate Alauddin leaves to have a battle with Mongols where he trashes them and wins. Thereafter, Alauddin keeps elevating himself as a ruler.

But, Jalaluddin feels betrayed when he stops reporting to him in Delhi. Jalaluddin visits him in Kara where he gifts him an assassin named Malik Kafur who claims to do anything for Alauddin. Alauddin orders him to kill his uncle’s viziers where he also murders Jalaluddin and becomes the sultan of India.

Padmaavat Movie Review
Image credit – Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

Soon, Raghav Chetan joins Alauddin’s court where he tells him that he can be like alexander the great if he gets the queen of Chittor Padmaavati who can bring more riches to his life. Raghav also describes the beauty of the queen and cruel Alauddin turns obsessed to Padmavati.

He sends his men to invite the royal family on lunch so that Chittor can get his support. However, Ratan Singh denies saying that Rajputs can take care of themselves alone. Soon Alauddin attacks on Chittor with a large army; however a small unit of his army gets trapped on day one.

He waits in his tent for Chittor to run out of food, however his army deals with the same. After a few months, he sends a friendship note to Ratan Singh and wishes to meet him. Once Alauddin sends his army back to Delhi, he gets welcomed in Chittor fort but his disgusting talks makes everyone raged.

Before being back in Delhi, Alauddin invites Ratan Singh in his tent, where he agrees. However, with the help of a few men, he captures the King and takes him to Delhi.

He sends a message to Chittor that queen should visit him if they want the King back. Padmavati leaves to Delhi after having her conditions permitted that includes around one thousand maids with her.

Just before reaching the place, Alauddin is attacked by his nephew and gets critically wounded.

Upon reaching the place, Padmaavati gets help of Alauddin’s wife Mehrunissa. With the help of 800 soldiers who posed as maids, the queen takes Ratan Singh to Chittor safely.

(Spoiler)The obsessed and cruel ruler punishes his wife for supporting his enemies and declares war on Chittor. At the war ground, Alauddin and Ratan Singh clashes hand to hand where Alauddin gets on the verge of death but his immoral army kills Ratan Singh.

When Chittor’s women see the defeat of their kingdom, they throw themselves in fire and don’t let immoral to have them. (/Spoiler)

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