Peter Rabbit Movie Review (It’s Different & Effective)

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The 2018 Peter Rabbit movie is an adaption of Beatrix Potter’s book of similar name, both focus on the mischievous rabbit. The book’s idea is simple like a Cat & Mouse chase; it is about hide and seek game between Peter and Mr. McGregor whose farm gets destroyed.

However, the movie modifies this basic concept and comes with much cinematic theme. Copy-Paste inclusion of the idea would have been fine for a T.V show but for mainstream cinema it demanded to be changed. In the flick, you witness all that conflict between rabbits and McGregors; additionally the movie takes you to a journey of ideological change and realizing mistake of the characters.

Moreover, I really liked the humor, some scenes were much comic. In the movie, there is a chicken that says something each morning, express its joy to the sunlight; it made me ROFL.

There is less empathy and conflict in the script, though it works fine. In the movie, Peter is mean and naughty, he only cares about his space, nothing else. When someone gets hurt out of his space, he doesn’t care. Whereas, his opponent Thomas is a well-mannered and a nice guy. But he also turns into an evil after being sick by Peter’s actions. Hence, no one gets care of the audience and you don’t feel their pain much.

But, as the story moves and the characters realize their mistake, the movie becomes strong. All this happens after the first half. So, its humor and the fight between the characters that make you to stick till the first half.

Bea, who plays the neighbor and lover of Thomas, is the most impactful character of the story. She is the one who is involved with both the parties. The character gives the movie a valuable shape.

Having mischievous Peter Rabbit, cat-mouse chases, well implemented humor and cinematic value makes the screenplay a highlight of the movie. It doesn’t become sluggish or boring during the watch time, there is intensity throughout the movie even if it misses conflict.

As the movie is based on a classic tale, it maintains such environment. Time period is not disclosed in the movie, but it is the current universe. Though, the characters and locations are old-school, but they feel natural and people still have such material things, like the vintage model lorry of Thomas. The cinematography maintains the theme of the original idea well; it would have been a challenging task to showcase such classiness in the current time period.

Additionally, live-action/animation has been implemented with perfection. The chemistry among the characters is good, I didn’t feel that they were computer animated Rabbits expressing to humans; all went smooth and natural.

RATING – 6.7/10

Concept – 7/10
Story – 6/10
Screenplay & Direction – 7/10
Connectivity – 7/10
Cinematography – Marvelous
Animation & Performance – Well Done


Peter Rabbit along with his family of three sisters and one brother have fun and mischief at countryside in England. They ruin old man’s Mr. McGregor’s garden and have their food party. On one such day, the old man is about to catch the mischievous rabbits. However, his young neighbor Bea who loves and understands rabbits makes him to leave them with a final warning. However, Mr. McGregor gets the jacket of Peter, given by his late father. Peter again steps into the garden but this time he gets caught. But, luck blesses him and the old man dies himself.

Peter and all of his animal friends hijack the house where they make it a huge mess with their party.

Meanwhile in London, McGregor’s distant relative Thomas who works at Harrods is concerned about his promotion. When his manager gives him the news of his uncle, it doesn’t affect him and he still talks about his concern. When another employee with less passion and experience gets his desired position, Thomas loses his mind and gets fired from the company. Soon, he receives a letter that mentions he is the new owner of the old man’s property at the countryside. Thomas plans to sell the house and invest the money in business to be a competitor of Harrods.

He moves to the house hastily and gets a nasty surprise, having the animals inside. He shoos them and fixes the house. Next morning, Bea comes to him where they both introduce themselves and Bea gives him a gift as well. She also makes Thomas agree to allow the rabbits inside the garden. However, Thomas breaks his promise thereafter and blocks all the ways for the rabbits.

Though, Peter along with his brother Benjamin gets into the garden where Benjamin gets caught and acts to be dead. Thomas takes him to throw in a river, however Peter and his team saves him where Thomas throws Bea’s gift instead.

He drives to London and purchases an electric fence system for his new enemies. While being back, he meets Bea in the way and gives her drive to home. Upon reaching, Bea tells him about how beautiful creatures are rabbit. Soon, concerned Peter also comes there and he has a fight with Thomas while Bea is making him a drink. There, Bea witnesses that Peter has ruined one of her paintings; she kicks him out with anger.

Peter makes a solid plan with his family and fellows to make Thomas leave the house. They destroy one of Thomas’s mornings and make the electric fence system to give him shocks instead.

At a night, Raged Thomas puts explosives inside Peter’s house, however the switch is not pressed due to Bea.

Next morning, when Thomas leaves caught Peter because of Bea again, he drops the remote control where Peter presses the button. The explosion shatters the rabbit’s house and the tree falls on Bea house as well, making her paintings destroyed. The girl regrets that she loved someone evil like Thomas who uses explosives to innocent rabbits.

(Spoiler) Thomas leaves to London and gets his job back, whereas heartbroken Bea also plans to leave the place. Peter realizes his mean nature and visits to Thomas. After making him convinced, they go to Bea where Thomas expresses his love to her and gets accepted. (/Spoiler)

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