Raincoat Movie 2004 Review (A Tale Filled with Feelings)

(3.8 / 5)
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Raincoat doesn’t display an extraordinary love script; the movie is more about feelings and it showcases it really well and deserves a high applaud. It shows a man who meets his love after several years, but there he comes to know about her actual condition. There would be countless movies on such concepts, but the specialty of Raincoat is that it makes you to get into their world which many movies don’t.

The movie is set in the cultural & heritage city of Kolkata which makes the love tale more effective along with the background music. These elements make the screenplay filled with pure Indian essence which perfectly suits with love stories.

Raincoat’s story goes smooth and nice; it doesn’t take more or less time to build, but later turns more intense and gets to its peak. While at peak, the movie becomes really emotional.

In the movie, Ajay Devgn plays the character of a jobless man who visits Kolkata in need of money. There he decides to meet his love. The condition of Ajay in movie brings something nice to the script, or it would have been boring.

Screenplay is the highlight of Raincoat; the entire movie feels so realistic and impactful. What I loved is that the emotions keep improving over the time. It gets in your head gradually till it makes a complete place. Once you guess what steps the main characters are going to take, it gets to an end leaving the audience keep guessing. Such endings never work in masala movies, but feel cinematic in powerful movies like Raincoat.

In a sum-up, it is a beautiful movie.

The chemistry between the lovers, Ajay and Aishwarya gets the eyes from their initial scenes where Ajay meets him after 6 years but all feels so casual and bonded between them like they never got separated. And, why doesn’t it be, both the actors have shown it before in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Once the movie focuses on Ajay and Aishwarya, it keeps you involved.

There are a few more characters in the movie including Annu Kapoor, but Raincoat is so focused that you only take the duo home.

There was not much scope of cinematography, though some initial scenes are beautiful. Later, the movie shifts to Kolkata and mostly shows a house filled with vintage furniture. Overall, it is realistic.

Ajay’s character is introvert and decent, same of Aishwarya’s is who turns extrovert sometimes. Yes, Ajay was awesome, but its Aishwarya who takes more attention.

Some of you may be wondering why the title is “Raincoat”, I was too while started watching it. But, in the end you come to realize how crucial a raincoat in the movie becomes.

The only complain I have with the director Rituparno Ghosh is with the makeup of Ajay. 6 year younger Ajay looks exact same as the present one. He should have taken care of it.

RATING – 7.6/10

Concept – 5/10
Story – 7/10
Screenplay & Direction – 8.5/10
Connectivity – 9/10
Acting – Brilliant
Cinematography – Nice


A small town man Manoj used to work in a jute factory but the business got to an end. He decides to starts his own business where he plans to borrow money from a bunch of his college friends. He leaves to Kolkata and gets shelter in his friend Alok’s house. Alok supports and motivates his friends highly in his depressed condition. They prepare convincing letters for Manoj. Before leaving to borrow money at his friends’ offices’ in Kolkata;  Manoj asks Alok should he meet his love Neeru or not whose parents made her married to a wealthy man. Alok denies with his opinion, but Manoj’s soul can’t stop him.

He finds Neeru’s residence and get to her. Upon reaching her house, Neeru tells him about her luxurious life where she has money and all the wealth. However, she lives alone most of the time as her husband travels a lot for his job. But, when someone rings the bell of the residence, Manoj comes to know about her husband’s cruelties and over-possessive behavior on Neeru. Meanwhile, the story keeps shifting to flashbacks where their love story is shown. While having a chat about their past, Neeru goes out to have some food for Manoj. Thereafter, a man asks Manoj to use the toilet of the house. When done, he tells the man to leave the house, but he turns out to be the landlord. There, Manoj comes to know about the reality of Neeru and his husband. The landlord tells that the family hasn’t paid the rent since months, they are very poor, and Neeru’s husband is a fraud and alcoholic. He gets into more details where he describes how her husband got into such poor condition. Manoj decides to help his love; he gives all the collected money from his friends as rent to the landlord and requests him to not make the family out. Monoj gets shocked when he looks at the poor condition of the house and he leaves a letter in her bed. When Neeru gets back, he keeps pretending to be unknown of her truth. Neeru continues to tell about her riches. However, broken Neeru’s emotions get exposed where she starts crying about her hell life.

Meanwhile, Alok’s wife Sheela tells him that Manoj has been pickpocket and has lost all the collected money. However, Manoj tells his friend the truth. At night, Sheela finds a packet in a raincoat which Neeru used when out. She gives the packet to Alok where he finds jewelry and a letter from Neeru.


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