Red Sparrow Movie Cast Complete Details (In Depth)

Before releasing, Red Sparrow was among the most anticipated action movies of 2018. Now the movie has hit at the theaters and gained a positive feedback.

Here, we are going to have a look at the cast of the movie in detail. We will have a deeper look at Red Sparrow’s star cast’s characters and their role in the movie along with the list of actors who are a part of this film.

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Total actors in the Movie (estimated): 67

Star Cast & Lead Roles

Jennifer Lawrence as Dominika Egorova

Jennifer Lawrence as Dominika Egorova in Red Sparrow

Needless to say, Jennifer Lawrence plays the most important role in the movie, however she isn’t the most dominating character.

She is Dominika Egorova whose life is serious; she takes care of her ill mother. Her life becomes stricter when circumstances turn her to be a Russian agent. Though, the character of Dominika is glamorous that turns deadly too gradually. It feels like her life isn’t shaped according to her wish.

Joel Edgerton as Nate Nash

Joel Edgerton as Nate Nash in Red Sparrow

Joel plays Nate Nash who is a CIA agent and has all the smartness, discipline and other skills as such people have. The character may not feel like James Bond, but it is loaded with confidence.

In the movie, Nate tries to meet a well experienced spy but due to the interruption of police he can’t; later he attempts to do so. Whereas, Dominika is assigned with a mission to come closer to him and have some secrets.

Charlotte Rampling as Matron

Charlotte Rampling as Matron in Red Sparrow

The actress has been given a character that suits her really well. She is Matron, the headmistress of the Sparrow school where trainees are taught to be an assassin physically and mentally. I believe that a young person would not look as good as someone who seems experienced by age.

Matron is a strict lady and knows how to make her students follow the schedule; she also seems a good leader.

Matthias Schoenaerts as Ivan Vladimirovich Egorov

Matthias Schoenaerts as Ivan Vladimirovich Egorov in Red Sparrow

Matthias is Ivan Vladimirovich Egorov who works with Russian Intelligence and is the uncle of Dominika.

His character is among the most crucial ones in the movie where he opens the door for Dominika to be a part of Russian spies and gives her a meaning in life. Matthias’s character seems calm and intelligent.


  • Mary-Louise Parker as Stephanie Boucher (US Senator’s Chief of Staff)
  • Jeremy Irons as General Vladimir Andreievich Korchnoi
  • Ciarán Hinds as Colonel Zakharov
  • Joely Richardson as Nina Egorova (Dominika’s mother)
  • Bill Camp as Marty Gable
  • Thekla Reuten as Marta
  • Sakina Jaffrey as Trish Forsyth
  • Douglas Hodge as Maxim Volontov
  • Sasha Frolova as Anya
  • Sebastian Hülk as Matorin
  • Sergei Polunin as Konstantin
  • Ingeborga Dapkunaite as a Director
  • Kristof Konrad as Dmitri Ustinov
  • Chris O’Hara as a Marine Guard
  • Nicole O’Neill as Sonya
  • Judit Rezes as Leni
  • Karen Gagnon as a Secretary
  • Sergej Onopko as Simyonov
  • Makar Zaporozhskiy as Nikolai
  • Hugh Quarshie as Simon Benford
  • Zsolt Viczei as Chemist
  • Andrea Takáts as Receptionist
  • Bálint Adorjáni as a Spy
  • Gabriella Borsoviczky as a Passport Officer
  • Tanya Vital as a Driver
  • Sokol Cahani as an Agent
  • Graham Bryan as an Agent
  • Louis Hofmann as a Banker


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