Samson 2018 Movie Review (Missed to be Cinematically Good)

(3.2 / 5)
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Being a chapter in Bible, the simple and old school idea of Samson feels interesting on screen. There have been numerous stories where a savior fights for his people who are being ruled by cruel powers; Samson is also the same. But the overall movie doesn’t look boring.

The movie is set in ancient Israel and Samson isn’t just a well-trained warrior, he is a kind of God. This elevates the no-new idea a bit. It was being felt a theatre drama, I enjoyed it watching.

The script is impressing, it builds smoothly and makes you feel conflict very early that is triggered by the first half. Early in the movie when Prince Rallah and his father plan to expose and slave Samson, it builds interest even if nothing much goes on-screen. The movie shows major conflicts of the same intensity two times; it looks natural too, I didn’t feel it forced in the flick.

There are a few nice twists in the story as well. Just like the conflicts have been shown, one is in the first half and other is in the second, the twists are also implemented in similar fashion. Actually, Samson is divided into two chapters, related to each other but different as well. Hence, the storyline turns much powerful and compelling to the viewers.

Frances Douglas, who plays Samson’s true love Teran is the main essence of the story; her role ends early but she is the one who makes the most impact on the storyline.

And again, similar happens in the second half when Samson falls in love with Delilah, played by Caitlin Leahy. Her character also contributes much as Teran’s.

Samson receives much empathy, probably among the most I have seen in movies. He belongs to the suffered tribe of Dan, he has experienced heavy personal loses and his character is displayed by the view of his personal interests. This makes the character to connect very well with the audience and you can feel bad for him throughout.

But the element that stops this movie to be good cinematically is lack of ideological conflicts. There are a few among the good side, but the villain in the movie is much weak ideologically. He is bad to be bad; doesn’t have a good reason. If the situation wouldn’t have been such, it could be a cinematic flick. But, movies that house weak villains fail to be remembered for much time.

However, the movie holds many compelling elements, it has twists, good setting, empathy and action; all this makes the screenplay really good and entertaining.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t expecting the cinematography such good. It is a low budget movie comparing to other mainstream historic dramas in Hollywood. But, the movie shows physical things with perfection.

I especially liked the casting; it looks perfect whether it is muscled Taylor James as Samson, both his loves played by Caitlin Leahy and Frances Douglas or Billy Zane as the king of Philistine. The faces and physical structure suits each character in the movie.

RATING – 6.5/10

Concept – 3/10
Story – 7/10
Screenplay & Direction – 8/10
Connectivity – 8/10
Cinematography – Good
Acting – Absorbing


In Ancient Israel, Hebrews and other tribes were blessed by their God with the prosperous land. However, they lost their belief in God which led to the destruction of their riches and they became slaves to the Philistine empire.

Now it is 1100 B.C where Philistine king Balek rules from Gaza and Hebrew lives in tribe of Dan in a small village. They are blessed with the last Judge named Samson who can be the savior.

On a day, Samson and his brother Caleb steals food from the temple in Gaza; they are chased by the royal guards. However, the powerful Samson makes them escaped. Upon reaching to the village, he gets to know that the prince and the commander of the Philistine’s army Rallah has shown his brutality again and killed an old man upon asking for tax relief.

Samson parents tries to make him realize that he is the savior chosen by the God. But, Samson denies, as he doesn’t feel like that at all. Meanwhile, Rallah and his father King Balek decides to expose a rumor about Samson that he is God.

They send a muscled warrior to the tribe where he challenges all to make him defeated. After knocking out many, Samson gets into the combat ground and defeats him. He also gets attracted to a beautiful girl named Taren.

A few days later, Caleb tells that Taren has been serving as a slave to the Philistines. Samson visits Gaza where he tells Taren to meet at a nearby beach.

The both share their personal interests and past. Taren tells Samson that just like Hebrews, she is also being ruled by the cruel. Soon she accepts the proposal when she is asked for marriage.

Taren shares this with her mistress and Rallah’s wife Delilah who assures her to convince the prince to allow the marriage. Delilah makes Rallah realized that if he allows the marriage, Hebrews can never be his rebels as it will put a moral debt of them.

At the night of the ceremony, Rallah makes Samson to be in a riddle challenge which Rallah has to answer by the morning or Samson has to pay the decided cost. Immoral Rallah gets to known about the answer by cheat and in the morning he wins. When Samson comes back with the decided cost, Rallah captures Taren and send his guards to kill him as well.

After smashing the royal guards, Samson fires Rallah’s farms and tells him to release his love. However, Taren is thrown down from the palace and gets died.

(Spoiler) In the morning, Rallah makes him captive and kills his father as well. When Samson is about to be punished to death, he releases himself and kills thousands of Rallah’s men alone where Rallah narrowly escapes the death. (/Spoiler)

Thereafter, the brutal prince is transferred to Egypt. However, after the peace of a few years, He gets back and again cruelty embarks on Hebrews.

Samson visits to the king where he demands for peace. The king tells him to be far from his people if he wants the condition to be so. Samson decides to be in Gaza to have more attempts to convince the king. However, he is being haunted by the people there and soon he gets critically wounded in an attack.

(Spoiler) Delilah takes him to her place and helps him to be cure.  However, Rallah had made her to betray him already. Samson, who has already broken two vows to God, loses the last one when Delilah cuts his hair and he loses his powers.

Soon the cruel prince captures and makes him blind. But, when Samson is being humiliated at the temple, he calls his god last time where he makes the building demolished by his strength.

This puts an end on the chapter of the brutality. Samson’s brother Caleb unites all the tribes and builds an army in the faith of his brother. (/Spoiler)

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