Post It Short Movie Review (A Sweet Event)

Post It showcases its own small space, actually it doesn’t have basic movie elements such as conflicts or call to actions. The movie is an incident, the one that feels so positive, jolly and sweet.

The story displays two strangers named Clara and Elroy where Clara is too curious and takes much interest in Elroy’s personal life. Whereas, Elroy seems introvert and shy. Having known each other for a few minutes, Elroy talks about his late mother and how she used to compliment people, just opposite of him. Thereafter, Clara does something really creative to make Elroy follow his mother’s sweet behavior to the society.

post it short movie

There would be infinity to infinity movies where someone changes or affects other’s life, the same is Post It. But, the movie is a modified version, I love the creative idea where sticky posts are used to compliment people; it feels like a real life social media version of commenting on others.

There is nothing to talk about story, the movie is an event that takes place and ends giving you a smile on your face.

Post It’s screenplay is really fine and smooth, I love the way it goes till the end where Elroy sticks a note on Clara that says “Nosy“. The personal talks shown in the movie where Elroy shares a few memories about his late mother makes the viewers connect with the character, it also triggers to a little empathy.

If we talk about the cinematography, it is well balanced. The film has a classy atmosphere with good sunlight and low contrast colors, I really admire such surroundings.

FINAL WORDS: Well Modified


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