Short Review: 12 AM (Makes Scared)

12 AM is an Indian horror-thriller movie that shows a sequence which successfully threatens the viewers. The channel has a few more short movies where the creators seem students.

12 am short movie review

Analysis: The movie begins with a boy sleeping, he wakes up so quickly that begins the thrill. He drinks water and looks himself in the mirror, but when he looks in the different direction, his reflection’s position is not the same. When he looks back, he finds that his reflection is lying on the bed, upon stepping to the bed, his other self becomes a devil and grabs his neck. Thereafter the boy wakes up from the dream. But what happens next become a deadly reality.

I have been saying since times that horror is more about what is going on screen, there is no need of a great idea. 12 AM makes its audience scared so it is a successful horror creation.

The entire movie shows a man in his room, so obviously it connects well. Cinematography and video editing have been done professionally and never look fake.

The lead’s performance also does justice to his character and situation.

FINAL WORDS: Really Scary



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