Short Review: Alone (People Living with Depression)

The movie shows a teenage girl whose life has been too dull, as a result she gets into depression. I believe that depression is more a conditional outcome, instead some medical disease; that is exactly shown in the movie.

Alone short movie review

Analysis: The movie begins with a girl that wakes up from the bed; from the very starting, the movie shows how poorly all treat her including her mother. She gets harsh words from her teacher for being late, her fellow classmates don’t like her company, her mom wants her to be home at time but doesn’t care for her traveling expense. All these circumstances make the girl feel disconnected from the world and she develops depression.

Such concepts are very sensitive; the movie displays it with perfection. The people who have been dealing with this frustrating condition can relate them to the girl’s character.

Alone also gives a message to the audience that people who have depression aren’t alone, there are many people out there to hold their hand and help them.

The only lag I found is in the direction, there are a few scenes that feels like documentary movie, while others are normal. It should have been fixed.

An element of the cinematography that has impressed me a lot it the filming of 2-3 scenes in an empty lobby; it makes you feel that jailed atmosphere.

FINAL WORDS: Very Well Shown



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