Short Review: Anniversary (Domestic Violence)

We all have seen 100s of short movies and ads on the subject of Domestic Violence. So, Anniversary can be called a weak movie in terms of idea. But yes, it has been shown well. Let’s have a look on some insights.

Anniversary short movie review

Analysis: A middle aged women is having tea with her friend; she soon beings complimenting her husband. The woman tells several qualities in her husband to her friend. However, the truth is that she is a victim of domestic violence. The movie displays that it happens to every part of the society, to poor and to high class as well, and we should talk about it.

Being based on a too simple and boring concept, the movie still catches the eye and it is scripted really well.

The lead actress’ character could have connected better with the audience, but it is still fine.

What I like is the video editing and background music, it gives a feel of watching theater drama.

The lead actress seems a matured and experienced artist, her performance is the highlight of the movie.




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