Short Review: AshleelPyaar (Sensible Hilarious Indian Comedy)

So this is the first comedy movie I am going to review in this short reviews section and it is really hilarious. The movie is set in India, so the Indian audience will enjoy it better. AshleelPyaar holds a too simple idea behind it but believe me it is so effective; the direction and screenplay has been so good that it transforms the movie into a valuable watch.

AshleelPyaar short movie review

Analysis: The movie concerns a boy who dates several women to get married; however each time something happens that ruins his date. On each date the situation becomes so that the boy speaks an abusive word; he just can’t control him doing so, it just comes on his tongue.

The movie would have been good till the above mentioned plot, but the creators made it even better at the very end where the boy gets a girl of his type.

AshleelPyaar is not a dark comedy that will keep making you laugh, but it is a standard comedy movie that feels hilarious.

Cinematography has been implemented according to the subject, atmosphere is bright and spreads positivity.

Actors’ performances are really impressive. The male lead character’s role has been played without any lags; the character holds its decency even while speaking out harsh words.




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