Cyberbullying Short Movie Review (Educates and Gives a Strong Message)

Films are made to Entertain, Give Messages and to Educate people; Cyberbullying, educates really well about bullying on social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. I myself witness several memes, videos and edited pictures on social media that falsely attack a person. Sometimes when things get viral, it triggers to hazardous consequences and even result in suicide.

Cyberbullying short film

So, it is so important to educate people about how to react to post bullying on them on social media. The short film not only tells you about crucial steps to take but it also shows mirror to the today’s world that how we all have been digging happiness in fake virtual world. As it is an educational movie, the entire Idea of it is Important, not creative.

And, there is not a mind blowing script with twists and surprises, such movies don’t have room for it. It simply shows a high school where a few boys bully their basketball team’s mate because of his unfit physique for the game. One of them posts the video on twitter and it goes viral. However, the boy realizes his mistake and welcomes the victim to be in the team again.

Coming back to the analysis, the movie is really good as a message, but it fails in terms of film making. Yes, the screenplay is nice and there is some empathy as well, but the entire camera work and acting is unprofessional and rough.

FINAL WORDS: Should Learn from it



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