Short Review: Dard (Serious Social Issue with a Twist)

Dard is a very serious movie that is conceptualized on the issue of one sided love and crimes it follows. There would be hundred thousand movies made on the subject since the birth of cinema. So you may we wondering what’s new in Dard.


Yes, there is and the movie has implemented it really well. It is not what you expect while reading this review. The entire short film is focused on the criminal, not on the victim.

Analysis: We can say that the concept is modified and feels interesting. It would have needed creativity,  though it is not an entire new Idea. The script is really strong which is implemented well with the direction and screenplay.

The movie is showcased as a tale, hence it gets connect with the viewers. There wasn’t much space for acting so digging into it is not possible, but actors were fine.

The cinematography of the movie is sensible, it has darkness. contrast, less colors that perfectly matches with the serious theme.

FINAL WORDS: Watch it, You Won’t Regret



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