Short Review: Dream Date (Student’s Creation)

Dream Date doesn’t have a high production budget nor it seems like that there would have been a team of filmmakers. It is created by a single person and he does a great-great job. I usually review such non-commercial & students’ short movies by the point of view of film making. But this movie can be analyzed on quality as well.

dream date short movie review

Analysis: The movie opens with a young boy who gets a reminder on his phone of a date with a girl. He gets up and does all to appear handsome; as it is going to be his date. But when he finishes dressing up, the movie takes an awesome turn; the boy doesn’t go out of the house, instead he goes to bed and sleeps.

So the plot of the movie is housed in its title; it is really a simple and creative idea.

If we talk about film making then it has been done professionally. There are good camera angles and screenplay is also effective. Video editing is also impressive.

The movie is a sole project which is done by Howard Guo, including other elements of the movie, his acting is also good.

FINAL WORDS: Well Done Guo



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