Short Review: FaceBook (Impressive Horror Tale)

This movie that is titled Facebook has impressed me a lot; it has a creative concept where a ghost contacts a young boy through Facebook. There would have been low budget, though the movie feels really professional. Hence, the director should to be applauded to accomplish it.

facebook short movie review

Analysis: A boy gets to his room at midnight where an anonymous person starts chatting with him. The both gets involved in exchanging messages, soon someone knocks the door and a terror surrounding gets embarked where the boy goes to the road to check who was at his door. But, he finds no one. Upon visiting his room, he continues chatting and gets a terrible looking witch at the end.

The idea of the movie is simple yet very effective to create terror among the viewers. The story flows straight and compliments the idea.

In the movie, there are 2-3 scenes where you feel real terror, the timings of those scenes are brilliant and deserves applaud.

The low costs of productions are curtained by the sensible video editing; it is a smart way for short filmmakers to have professionalism in low budget. I have witnessed some high budget short movies that look boring just because of their color combination that could have fixed by a video editor like Adobe Premier.

The only complain is the acting, the main character goes fine in the starting but the performance becomes sluggish at the very end.

FINAL WORDS: A Gift for Horror Fans



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