Short Review: HER (Voice against Molestation)

So HER is the second movie in our short reviews section that talks about women empowerment. Such concepts can be adopted multiple times and never gets outdated, however there should be an impactful story and screenplay.

HER short movie review

Analysis: The movie opens with a regular day in a government office where the boss is having nasty talk with his friend on the phone. Till here HER shows the dark character of the boss. Soon the boss calls one of his employees whom he has been molesting. The girl comes to him, but this time she speaks in front of everyone and asks the boss to take off her clothes. There, she makes the man feel ashamed and leaves him with a feeling of guilt.

As we have already talked, such movies are nothing without a screenplay and script that makes audience feel the condition. HER implements this very well and leaves an impact.

The movie makes the viewers involved in the situation and encourages not only women but the entire society to rise against the bad.

Cinematography of the movie looks realistic where the office looks ugly and messed up just like real government offices in India.

The actors who played the lead role have been working in television and ad films since many years, hence they have delivered their characters perfectly.




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