Short Review: I’m Truly Sorry (Everyday Bullying)

I’m Truly Sorry is based on the subject of Bullying where a boy realizes his mistake when he comes to know that his sister has been dealing with the same. The movie gives a nice social message to youngsters who Bully others for fun but don’t care about their feelings.

I'm Truly Sorry short movie review

Analysis: The movie starts in a high school where a group of boys bully a simple looking girl. One of the boy clicks her picture and the group creates a hilarious meme of that. Another boy tapes the meme on the girl’s locker. But when the second boy comes to know about her sister’s bullying in her school, he feels guilty for his karma. He realizes that how badly he hurt the girl with his so called joke. He improves his mistake and becomes friend with the girl.

I won’t say that the movie has an outstanding idea and a great story, but movies are also made to deliver message. I’m Truly Sorry does it really fine and appeals to stop heavy bullying.

While watching the movie, the character of the victim girl connects with the audience and makes feel bad for her.

All the actors have played their roles fine.

The cinematography of the movie has been kept bright and colorful which I think is a good idea, it makes the negative surroundings feel positive. Another element that is impressive is the background music.

FINAL WORDS: Should Watch



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