Short Review: Imitation is Suicide (Mirror to Today’s Digital World)

Imitation is Suicide is about the modern day world that has been involved in cell phones more than their true surroundings. It shows how a boy feels alone with such people in his society.

Imitation is Suicide short movie review

Analysis: The movie begins with a young teenage boy sitting in a park; there he notices that all the people at the place don’t have any connection with their actual world; they all are busy with their phones. The boy walks to a different place but notices the same. Even when the frustrated boy reaches home, his parents too are spending time with their gadgets. As a result, he throws his phone on the floor. Till here, the movie successfully shows the current face of the society.

The creators of the movie give it a sweet ending when the boy meets a girl of his type.

The idea of the movie seems not so fresh, but the smoothness of its script and brilliant screenplay makes it an effective movie.

The movie highly concerns that boy who has been alone, hence it connects very well with the viewers.

Cinematography of the movie is full of contrast, most of the time there is a type of cloudy environment which fits with the theme.

The acting of the lead character is so effective that he makes you feel alone along with him.




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