Short Review: It’s A Fruit (Speed Dating & Relationships)

It’s A Fruit embeds light weight but nice comedy in a script that talks about relationships, breakups and finding a perfect match. The part of speed dating is also shown with focus, which is a kind of a highlight for this movie.

It's A Fruit short movie review

Analysis: Peter catches his girlfriend playing with a cucumber and decides to leave her. In order to have a perfect match, he gets into speed dating. There he meets girls of different personalities, some weird ones too. Finally, he feels comfortable with a girl and both take interest in each other. Soon Peter notices that his ex Jane is also at the place; he decides to give her one more chance so he sits with her. However, he realizes his mistake and gets back to the girl he has been taking to and the both get into a relationship.

The concept of the movie is fine, there are elements such as speed dating, cheating partner with vegetables and different personalities that make it look fresh and interesting. The characters also connect well including of Jane who doesn’t have much appearance on screen.

Cinematography of the movie is beautiful, the atmosphere is fascinating and spreads positivity.

FINAL WORDS: Good Light Comedy



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