Short Review: Join Indian Army (Motivational Movie)

Join Indian Army is a motivational Hindi movie that appeals youth to join the Indian army. Such movies get applauded without much effort, just because of their subject. However, this short movie has been implemented well, especially the script.

Join Indian Army short movie review

Analysis: The movie begins with an old man resting on a bench in a park after being exhausted while running. Soon his army officer son comes and tells him to be more fit and lose weight. The father & son talk goes on with some questions and answers. Thereafter, the movie becomes cinematic when the audience gets to know that the man lost his son. The movie appeals youngsters to be a part of Indian army.

While watching the movie I was wondering why the man had a funky look, army men don’t have such looks. But, thank god that he was just an imagination of his father.

Such ideas can never be outdated as they are related to heritage of a country. The movie makes viewers involved gradually and by the end you can feel its message.

There is not much to comment on cinematography, though it is nice. Actors have also done decent job.

FINAL WORDS: Strong Motivation



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