Short Review: Laundry (Nice Thriller-Horror)

Nice is a one word that describes Laundry; the movie isn’t that great but yes it is a good one time watch and has sensible thriller in it, a little horror as well.

Laundry short movie review

Analysis: The entire movie is set in a laundry where a man has been washing his clothes. Soon he hears an unusual sound and upon continuing washing he notices that there is suddenly a women by him. This happens a few times where the women gets to the machine next to him.Till here, the movie gets intense and at the end the woman is shown holding the t-shirt the man was wearing.

I love such endings that makes audience keep thinking. The ending of the movie is suitable for thriller theme.

Laundry successfully connects its viewers in the story whereas its cinematography is really nice; the atmosphere is silent and dark.

Both the characters have done a fine job where the male character feels like a usual person which is nice.

FINAL WORDS: One Time Watch



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