Short Review: Luchador (Cool CGI Movie)

Luchadoris is a CGI animated movie that feels like a fantasy world; displays a fight sequence between two old people with a little humor.

Luchador short movie review

Analysis: An old man roams in a fruit market, there he tries to pick a fruit but unable of get it because others have all the fruits before he does. A fat old man bullies him and they both get into a fight. There, the entire atmosphere gets shaped into a wrestling ring and an interesting fight begins where the old man wins. He is rewarded with a watermelon, but the other old man steals it and run away.

The movie isn’t a brainer, it just displays the creativity of the writer and takes you in his world, a beautiful place. The story of the movie is smooth and quite interesting where a place gets turned into an imaginary world.

Luchadoris entertains its viewers till the very end.

CGI and cinematography has been done brilliantly. The movie is set in a rural place but it looks beautiful and fascinating. Color combination is sensible, there are less colors but high contrast makes the rural place look good.




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