Short Review: My dad’s story (Try not to Cry)

My dad’s story, I have no words for the energy this movie brings. Upon watch the movie, I added it in my favorite short movies of all time, can be called “The Shwshank Redemption” of short cinema.

The short movie is an advertising campaign of Met Life, maybe the most effective ads of all times in the history. And, before we analyze the movie, you should take a handkerchief for your tears.

My dad's story short movie review

Analysis: The movie is narrated by a little daughter where the dad is reading a note of hers. She begins with telling the qualities of her father. She points how happy is he, how kindhearted his dad his, how much care he does of her and all. However, at the end she says that her father lies. From here the movie shows how much struggle the man has been doing to make her daughter feel good. He doesn’t have a job, he has to rush every time to earn money, he has to pretend to be full while having dinner.

The movie is based on a very sensitive concept and its story complements it perfectly, it couldn’t have been any better. I just salute the director and writers of the movie to create such impactful creation. Majority of the viewers will cry while watching; by this you can have an idea how brilliant is its screenplay is.

The characters just grab your hand and takes you in their world, you feel emotional for them. The little’s and the father’s characters have been played with perfection and both the actors deserve an applaud.

FINAL WORDS: Shawshank Redemption of Short Movies



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