Short Review: Paper Plane (Touchy Movie)

Paper Plane is among those fine short movies that touches you. It is about exchanging of messages between a boy and the God.

paper plane short movie review

Analysis: The movie opens with a teenage boy playing in his garden; he throws his paper plane to the other side, divided by a fence. While he steps to go back into the house, he notices that his plane has been back. He unfolds the plane and finds a note written by God. Thereafter he makes several planes with notes and continues throwing. But this time he doesn’t get any reply. However, at the end he has his eyes on a tree at the place where there are all the planes with replies.

The idea of Paper Plane is really heart touching and fresh where God replies to a boy via planes made of paper. The story also goes fine and the ending makes it more worthy.

As the movie is highly focused on the emotions of a boy, it engages the audience in the script.

Cinematography of the movie is also appropriate, it wouldn’t have been better. There is nature all around the atmosphere and it is perfect to display such concept that involves God.

There is only one character displayed in the movie that been played really well.

FINAL WORDS: Justice to the Idea



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