Short Review: Subject 256 (Sci-Fi Short Movie)

Subject 256 feels like a perfect one time watch movie, just like mainstream cinema. I found it quite entertaining and would love to see a feature film on the same concept.

Short Review Subject 256

Movie Overview: The movie takes you in a Video Game type science fiction world where players need to kill each other in order to survive. Players have armors, guns and virtual assistance. Each time, some player is titled “Hunter” and its prey has to survive. What happens after makes its story valuable; it really impressed me.

Analysis: The concept of the movie is not fresh, but short & indie film-making usually have common ideas. Yes, the script is cool; just watch the movie till the very end.

Throughout the movie I was feeling adventure and connected to it. The direction and screenplay are the highlight of the movie, looks so professional.

Actors performance are also fine, no complains. However, I believe that the cinematography could be better. Yes, there would be budget limits but the entire movie had too much light (afternoon shine) which looks boring in this sci-fi world. It could be fixed by any video editor without any cost.

VFX are done very well and match to commercial film-making.

Final Words: Professional Implementation

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