Short Review: Suitcase (more about Filmmaking)

Suitcase is very especial entry in our short reviews section. There is nothing especial about this movie, it doesn’t have an interesting concept nor its story is effective. So, you may be wondering why it is here. The reason is its filmmaking, the movie was shot in a single shot and that is what makes it especial.

suitcase short movie review

Analysis: So Suitcase is a single shot movie, its length is not much but there are many changes in camera angles. That is why is deserves appreciation. I know it is not a big deal to create a single shot movie of around one and a half minute, but creating one with its camera keeps moving and changes angles need much perfection.

The movie showcases a scene where a suitcase is handed to various people. There is nothing to talk about concept and story as there is none.

What we can discuss is its cinematography which is vibrant and looks beautiful.

There was not much scope for acting, so we won’t discuss it either

Camerawork, Direction and cinematography are the only elements that can be talked and we have already talked about the richness of them.

FINAL WORDS: Awesome Filmmaking



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